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Great Baseball Nicknames- ‘No-Neck’- Walt Williams. I can never remember outfielder Walt ‘No-Neck’ Williams being called simply by his name Walt Williams- it was always Walt ‘No-Neck’ Williams as if ‘No Neck’ was part of his name. Walt Williams did look like he had no neck- here is the story from wikipedia-

Williams was nicknamed No-Neck due to his relatively short stature (5 feet 6 inches) combined with a muscular, compact torso and a short neck. His odd physical appearance was the result of a typhus injection he received as a baby. After his hometown was hit by a flood, the government gave typhus injections to prevent the spread of the disease. Williams was so muscular even as a baby that they couldn’t reach a vein except in the back of his neck. He developed a crick in his neck, which then stiffened and shrank.

Walt ‘No-Neck’ Williams was a major league outfielder for four teams -most notably the Chicago White Sox from 1964-75. He was a career .270 hitter.



  1. I remember when he came up with the White Sox. He was an immediate fan favorite. I loved watching him at bat: straighten the helmet, straighten the arm protector, hold the bat with his hands about 2″ apart, take a couple of practice swings… The White Sox sucked in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, but we had Walt. He was by no means a superstar, but he’d give you a good game. The White Sox would have a father-son game between games of a doubleheader on Father’s Day, and his kid was just like him. His kid got on first, then stole home from there…

    • I didn’t get to see Walt play much- back then the White Sox weren’t features on the game of the week but I do remember seeing him play a few times on television- I always thought he was a better player than the stats indicated. He was entertaining to watch.

    • We used to call the “Game of the Week” the”New York Yankees Game of the Week.”

      By every Sabermetric measure, Walt was at best an average player, but I don’t know of anyone who played harder or was more fun to watch.

  2. That’s a weird and kinda sad story about the shot and his neck! Wow. I didn’t really remember his name, but I think I actually had that baseball card you illustrate- the pic looks familiar to me. In Toronto we had that manager that was always , it seemed, always referred to as “Jimy One M Williams”.

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