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Deep Tracks from 1971: ‘Jeepster’- T. Rex. Recently Uncut Magazine- a rock mag out of the United Kingdom put out one of their Ultimate Music Guide’s on T. Rex. In the United States T.Rex were one hit wonders- ‘Get It On’ #10 in 1971- in the United Kingdom they were big stars with numerous big hits and big hit albums. How big were they in the UK? From 1970-72 they had eight singles in a row which peaked at either #1 or #2. ‘Jeepster’ was a #2 hit in the UK. The big star of T.Rex was Marc Bolan who was killed in a car accident in 1977 which brought an end to T.Rex. The producer of ‘Jeepster’ was David Bowie’s producer Tony Vicsonti.

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  1. Never got too much into T. Rex and now appreciate them much more than I did when I was growing up in Germany. They were quite popular there as well.

    In addition to “Get It On”, I also recall hearing “Children of the Revolution” on the radio. Apparently, “Jeepster” also did pretty well on the German charts, as did “Metal Guru,” which topped the charts – their only no. 1 in Germany.

    I also dig some of their early psychedelic folk style music, when they were still called Tyrannosaurus Rex, such as “Debora.”

  2. Far and away my favorite song by them, although I only heard it for the first time maybe 10 years back and , really don’t know a whole lot of their stuff…. perhaps the biggest example of a British talent that went close to unnoticed over here.

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