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All Together Now: Ranking All The Beatles Songs: So far #204″ “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, #203:” Mr. Moonlight”, 202:”Wild Honey Pie”, 201: “Chains”, 200:”Why Don’t We Do It In The Road? 199: “Honey Don’t.” 198: “A Taste Of Honey”, #197: “Matchbox”- #196: “Devil In Her Heart” # 195: “Little Child”, #194: “Anna”, #193: “Dig It.” and today #192: Maggie Mae” #191: “Do You Want To Know A Secret.”.”#190:”Flying” 189: ‘Her Majesty.” #188: “Run For Your Life” #187: “Till There Was You.” #186: ” Dig A Pony”, #185:” Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby. #184:” Bad Boy”, #183:”She’s A Woman.”#182: “Words Of Love”, #181:”Thank You Girl.” #180:’Slowdown” #179:” Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.: #178: ‘ When I Get Home” and #177: ‘Ask Me Why.’ 176:” What Goes On” #175: “Misery.” #174:’Dizzy Miss Lizzy’, #173: ‘Hold Me Tight.’ #172:’ Please Mr. Postman’ #171:’Your Mother Should Know.’, #170:’ Baby It’s You’ #169: ‘Don’t Bother Me.’ #168: Roll Over Beethoven” #167: “I Call Your Name, #166: ‘ Honey Pie’ #165:’ Don’t Pass Me By.’ #164: ‘ I Wanna Be Your Man’ and #163: ‘Boys’


#164: ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’- from With The Beatles. Early on in the career of The Rolling Stones- The Rolling Stones manager- producer Andrew Loog Oldham ran into John and Paul out on the street. Hearing that The Stones needed material -they went into the studio and with Mick and Keith watching -went over into the corner of the room and whipped off this song which would become the new Rolling Stones single. The Beatles also recorded it with Ringo singing – on their second album With The Beatles. I’ve always liked Ringo’s version but it comes in at #164.

Boy beatles.jpg

#163: ‘Boys’ from Please Please Me. I don’t mean to be picking on Ringo- but this is the 3rd straight Ringo song on the list. ‘Boys’ was a cover of a Shirelles song -one that The Beatles recorded on one take for their first album. It was a long time favorite for The Beatles drummer to sing in their shows- Pete Best the drummer before Ringo also had sung it when he was the drummer.

from wikipedia-

The Beatles did not concern themselves about possible homosexual undertones that go with singing a song about boys, although they altered the gender pronouns employed on the Shirelles’ version (e.g. “My girl says when I kiss her lips…”). In an October 2005 Rolling Stone interview, Paul McCartney stated: “Any one of us could hold the audience. Ringo would do ‘Boys’, which was a fan favourite with the crowd. And it was great — though if you think about it, here’s us doing a song and it was really a girls’ song. ‘I talk about boys now!’ Or it was a gay song. But we never even listened. It’s just a great song. I think that’s one of the things about youth — you just don’t give a shit. I love the innocence of those days.”


  1. As you progress in your countdown, I guess the raking is getting harder. Frankly, I would have a hard time, especially when it comes to Beatles tunes. I’m not saying each and every song they did was great. Still, many were, so I would be challenged to rank them.

    From these two, I prefer “Boys,” especially the live version on the Hollywood Bowl album!

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