Great Baseball Nicknames- The Animal Nicknames of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates. I was born shortly after Bill Mazeroski’s home run beat the Yankees in the 1960 World Series- but I grew up hearing all about that Pirates team. The Pirates play by play man while I was growing up was ‘The Gunner’- Bob Prince and Prince was known to wonder away from the play -by- play at times and tell stories and a lot of the stories he would tell would be about the 1960 Pirates one of the most unlikely World Series champions. Prince was a big nickname guy.

Third baseman Don Hoak | Pittsburgh pirates baseball, Pittsburgh sports,  Forbes field

The 1960’s Pirates had- ‘The Tiger’- Don Hoak- at third base. Hoak was a rather high strung individual who had been a professional boxer before his baseball career. He was nicknamed ‘Tiger’ by his teammate with the Dodgers Clem Lebine because he liked to pick fights. I am sure Hoak was in a pretty rotten mood on May 2, 1956- when playing for the Cubs he struck out 7 times in a 17 inning game against the Giants.

Remembering the night Harvey Haddix threw 12 perfect innings for the  Pirates ... and lost |

One of the Pirates top pitchers in 1960 was Harvey Haddix- he was the winning pitcher in Game 7. Haddix who is best remembered for his incredible 12 innings of perfect baseball in 1959 against the Braves- he lost the perfect game and the game in the 13th inning. Haddix’s nickname was “The Kitten.” He got the nickname earlier in this career while playing for the St. Louis Cardinals because he reminded many of another Cardinals pitcher Harry ‘The Cat” Brecheen.

Bob Skinner: 1958 All-Star | Pittsburgh pirates baseball, Pirates baseball,  Pittsburgh sports

Left Fielder- Bob Skinner was nicknamed ‘The Dog”

Dick Schofield (the Elder) – Society for American Baseball Research

Utility Man Dick Schofield- was ‘Ducky.’ Schofield’s son- also named Dick was also a major league player as was his grandson Jayson Werth.

Bill Virdon c 1962 | Major league baseball stadiums, Baseball photography,  Baseball stadium

Center Fielder Bill Virdon who was an outstanding defensive center fielder- and a future manager of the Pirates and a number of other teams- was ‘The Quail’


  1. that’s a great story and bit of history! Guess you won’t be doing a similar piece on 90s Blue Jays…man, it used to irk me how unimaginative the media were in toronto… Olerud was “Ollie”, Molitor was “Molly”, Roberto Alomar “Robbie”, Devon White “Devo”…

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