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1 1 SEASONS IN THE SUN –•– Terry Jacks (Bell)-9 (2 weeks at #1) (1) F-
2 4 BOOGIE DOWN –•– Eddie Kendricks (Tamla)-10 (2) B
3 2 THE WAY WE WERE –•– Barbra Streisand (Columbia)-16 (1) B
4 5 JUNGLE BOOGIE –•– Kool and the Gang (De-Lite)-14 (4) A
5 6 ROCK ON –•– David Essex (Columbia)-18 (5) A
6 9 DARK LADY –•– Cher (MCA)-8 (6) A-
7 3 SPIDERS & SNAKES –•– Jim Stafford (MGM)-18 (3) F
8 13 MOCKINGBIRD –•– Carly Simon and James Taylor (Elektra)-6 (8) B
9 7 UNTIL YOU COME BACK TO ME (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) –•– Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)-16 (3) A
10 17 SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS –•– John Denver (RCA)-7 (10) B

11 8 LOVE’S THEME –•– The Love Unlimited Orchestra (20th Century)-15 (1) B
12 14 LOVE SONG –•– Anne Murray (Capitol)-13 (12) B
13 18 ERES TU (Touch the Wind) –•– Mocedades (Tara)-9 (13) B-
14 20 JET –•– Paul McCartney and Wings (Apple)-5 (14) A+
15 10 PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER –•– The O’Jays (Philadelphia International)-12 (10) A
16 12 I LOVE –•– Tom T. Hall (Mercury)-14 (12) B-
17 24 COME AND GET YOUR LOVE –•– Redbone (Epic)-9 (17) A
18 19 SEXY MAMA –•– The Moments (Stang)-9 (18) B
19 23 TRYING TO HOLD ON TO MY WOMAN –•– Lamont Dozier (ABC)-12 (19) B
20 11 YOU’RE SIXTEEN –•– Ringo Starr (Apple)-13 (1) B

21 38 HOOKED ON A FEELING –•– Blue Swede (EMI)-4 (21) D
22 22 MY SWEET LADY –•– Cliff DeYoung with Bill Mumy and Corey Fischer (MCA)-10 (22)C
23 32 BENNIE AND THE JETS –•– Elton John (MCA)-4 (23) A
24 30 MIGHTY LOVE (Part 1) –•– The Spinners (Atlantic)-7 (24) B
25 15 LET ME BE THERE –•– Olivia Newton-John (MCA)-16 (6) B
26 28 THERE WON’T BE ANYMORE –•– Charlie Rich (RCA)-7 (26) A
27 16 LAST TIME I SAW HIM –•– Diana Ross (Motown)-10 (14) B
28 29 I LIKE TO LIVE THE LOVE –•– B.B. King (ABC)-14 (28) A
29 36 ROCK AND ROLL, HOOCHIE KOO –•– Rick Derringer (Blue Sky)-8 (29) A
30 21 AMERICANS –•– Byron MacGregor (Westbound)-10 (4 B

31 50 THE LORD’S PRAYER –•– Sister Janet Mead (A&M)-3 (31) B-
32 44 BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME –•– Gladys Knight and the Pips (Buddah)-4 (32)A+
33 41 STAR –•– Stealers Wheel (A&M)-10 (33) A-
34 25 DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO (Heartbreaker) –•– The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones)-9 (15) A-
35 33 ENERGY CRISIS ’74 –•– Dickie Goodman (Rainy Wednesday)-6 (33) B-
36 51 A VERY SPECIAL LOVE SONG –•– Charlie Rich (Epic)-3 (36) B
37 46 LOOKIN’ FOR A LOVE –•– Bobby Womack (United Artists)-6 (37) A
38 34 LAST KISS –•– Wednesday (Sussex)-16 (34) D-
39 26 SHOW AND TELL –•– Al Wilson (Rocky Road)-21 (1) A+
40 27 MIDNIGHT RIDER –•– Gregg Allman (Capricorn)-12 (19) A+

19 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40- THE 1970’S- WEEK OF MARCH 9, 1974

    • My sister bought that single- I actually have it- never even looked at the b-side- I am kind of afraid too now…LOL..

  1. For Boogie Down to be #2, I don’t remember it and, just listening to it, I’ve never heard it, before. Odd. There is a LOT on here I don’t remember. Curiously, I definitely remember The Lord’s Prayer…reminds me of my parents huge stereo cabinet.

    Good Cher song…back in the days before she went insane. Oooo…Anne Murray, the Spinners, Olivia, Rick Derringer, Gladys Knight, Al Wilson, Gregg Allman…

    You don’t like “Spiders & Snakes?” LOL!

    With Love’s Theme, produced by Barry White, it reminds me that I sorta miss instrumental music on the radio. And, I think this piece marked the beginning of the disco phase. Even the Stones had the “guitar scratch” sound in Heartbreaker.

    • Good point on Boogie Down- I don’t remember it either- and it was #2? I like it but– if must have been one of those songs once it was off the charts it was totally forgotten about… and even when it was on the charts- wasn’t played on some stations??…. Spiders and Snakes-that’s a song I can hear Ringo Starr singing….

  2. I know a lot of people seem to get allergic reactions when it comes to “Seasons in the Sun.” While it’s clearly not the best song I’ve ever heard, it doesn’t trigger such strong reaction in me. There are definitely tunes I think are a lot worse.

    The good news is there are other tracks in this chart, on which we definitely agree like “Midnight Rider”, “Bennie and the Jets” and “Jet”. They are already worth the price of admission, in my view.

    • I think the problem with some songs- and “Seasons In The Sun” comes to mind- being a big hit and all over the radio- makes it worse. If this had been a song that peaked at #30 and didn’t get the massive radio play … I wasn’t even listening to music that much when it was a hit …. but I guess everytime I walked by my sisters bedroom I could hear it being played….

    • That’s a fair point. I guess most songs don’t hold up very well when they are completely being over-exposed. While I remember listening to the tune on the radio back in Germany, I don’t recall it was on every day. So perhaps it wasn’t quite as bad there.

      One of the most horrific radio memories I have (of the ’80s) is German pop duo Modern Talking. I felt like smacking them. In case you’re not of Dieter and “Nora”, here’s a painful sample! 🙂

    • Was “You Light Up My Life” a hit in Germany? That’s another one- it would have been a forgettable tune if he had been a minor hit but it was played to death- I know people who even liked it- ended up hating it.

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