California Joni Mitchell Dutch single cover.jpg

Deep Cuts From 1971: ‘California’- Joni Mitchell. I have always had a lot of admiration for Joni Mitchell and her career. She falls in that category of artists the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and a handful of others who followed their own path and followed no trends. They did what they wanted to do popular or not. If Joni Mitchell had wanted to she could have been a lot bigger- by just following the blue print she made with her early 1970’s singer-songwriter albums Blue and Court And Spark- two of the greatest albums of that genre but she didn’t. She followed her own path and went into more jazz oriented recordings which weren’t as popular with the masses. She didn’t seem to care she just did her thing. ‘California’ was from her 1971 Blue album- a great album from start to finish. ‘California’ was released as a single but failed to make the charts. She wrote this song while living in France and was longing for the climate she had in California. James Taylor plays guitar on this song.


  1. Hans, glowing review on Miss Joni Mitchell. You know how much I love her music. Blue has to be one of the greatest “lovelorn” albums ever made. Her voice is that of an angel on “California.” Thank you for that tidbit on James Taylor!

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