My Music Listening Journal 2021: Day 48: Wednesday February 17, 2021.

Boats, Beaches, Bars & Ballads.jpg
  • JIMMY BUFFETT: BOATS, BEACHES, BARS & BALLADS: DISCS I AND 2: 1992: 4 1/2 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS: IPOD: COUNTRY ROCK: We’ve already gotten more snow in eastern Ohio than we do on average in a winter- and today we woke up to single digits- so I felt like listening to something to give me a summer feel. Jimmy Buffett will do. This is a four disc set from 1992- that year my brother and I spent the summer traveling the country going to games at major league baseball parks and seeing historic places/ national parks. I planned music to listen to for the sections of the country we were traveling- and listened to Buffett while driving along the gulf coast. I don’t own any other Buffett music. I am not that familiar with his music past 1992- I wish he’d release a disc or two of highlights from the last 30 years to add to this. Maybe he has.

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