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2021 Movie Draft- Round 4 Pick 4- Strange Dylan selects comedy- The Terminal.

Watched this for my Spielberg class last semester and instantly became one of my favorite comedies of all time. I was really impressed by the comedic tones alongside the post 9/11 fear that they incorporated at that time. I was ready to move on from Spielberg but The Terminal made me more invested into his filmography.
Tom Hanks is Viktor Navorski, a Russian coming to America to fulfill one of his father’s dying wishes; get a postcard signed from a jazz musician. Because his hometown is at war, he is stuck in an airport terminal and cannot leave until the war is over. I feel this is one of Hank’s great performances as he doesn’t speak good English at the beginning; he has to rely on his physical expressions to tell the story at first. Hank’s does a great job at getting the audience to sympathize with him through these means and undoubtedly hits all the heart strings.
I love Spielbergs comedic tones that switch from the fear that was present post 9/11 to quickly transforming into a heartwarming message about unity. Navorski is the rope that ties everyone together in the alienated terminal. The other side is Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci) who fully represents the evil authority that was present with his disgusting treatment of foreign visitors.
Spielberg really took into consideration of visuals in this film and I couldn’t be more impressed. I cannot go into detail without spoiling the main story but I will go into detail with one scene at the beginning. Navorski is told to be in the airport terminal (at this point, he has just figured out that is home country is at war) the camera follows him running against a crowd going in opposite direction and comes into a VIP area, he is told to leave but he stands while the doors shut in his face. The doors themselves are blurry when shut they leave Navorski is a blurry mosaic look; he has no home nor identity.
I know I jumped around topics but with all my film drafts I feel that a film needs to be seen and felt without me ruining the film. Spielberg might be very commercial but you cannot deny that the man has a heart bigger than Santa Claus. Hope you all are doing well during these turbulent times, I believe this film will warm your heart despite the cold weather (wherever you are!).


  1. I never knew it was a Spielberg work, but it has a lot in common with ‘Catch Me if You can” including of course Hanks. Good review… I saw the movie once about 15, 17 years back I think but you’ve reminded me it would be worth another viewing.

    • I am going to add it to the “watch again list”.
      You seem to be quite interested in movie making, you might want to check out the book “I’ll Have What She’s Having” by Erin Carlson. I’m reading it now (will probably write a review when done) , it’s about Nora Ephron and her movies specifically but it gives pretty good insight into the making of movies, the rewrites, the problems with location and things like that.

    • Ok! I shall look into it! Thank you! Have you looked into Tarkovsky’s Sculpting Time novel? It’s one of the must reads I still need to check out!

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