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2021 Movie Draft- Round 3 Pick 7- Ghost Dog selects- musical- A Star Is Born

Who needs another remake? It turns out we do. As a rule, I generally eschew remakes. In this case I made an exception. The trailers looked good so I gave it a chance. And friends, I am glad I did. This film is fresh and original in its interpretation. Bradley Cooper proves himself an adept director and makes a lot of smart choices in the presentation of this material. Lady Gaga is a wonder. The thing about Gaga for me has been she always wears a mask and we never get to see the real person behind the persona. Here we do. A very satisfying portrayal of an insecure character with a lot of personality and a load of talent.

Bradley Cooper is very good as the alcoholic country rock star who is in decline and fighting his own demons. The chemistry between the stars is palpable and their love story believable.

I liked the camera work and the production values are superb. It’s not an unqualified success, but Bradley Cooper hits this one out of the ball park. Two thumbs way up!

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  1. It’s been so long since seeing the original I can’t compare the two. I did see this one last year sometime and thought it was pretty good. Sam Elliott was a nice touch to the film I thought.

  2. I have yet to see this latest version, but the 1954 version is the best. Judy Garland and James Mason are terrific, and Garland should have won the Best Actress Oscar. The 1976 version with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson was a travesty. Kristofferson was miscast, and there was zero chemistry between him and Babs.

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