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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs- According To Hans Postcard- This list wasn’t a ‘critical’ list of trying to rank the best- it is a list of my personal favorites. If I would re-do the list in five years- [I won’t} I am sure it would look a little differently. Everyone has their own personal favorites and even songs they don’t care for. Many for example love Paul’s “My Love”- It wouldn’t have even made my Top 200 but that’s just me.What’s your favorite Beatles solo song?

60- “Walk With You”- Ringo Starr

59-“Mother” John Lennon

58-“Living In The Material World”- George Harrison

57-“1985”- Paul McCartney & WIngs

56-“Wah-Wah” – George Harrison

55- “C-Moon”- Wings

54-“Love”- John Lennon

53-“Bangla Desh”- George Harrison

52-“I’m The Greatest”- John Lennon

51-“Silly Love Songs”- Wings

50-“Early 1970”- Ringo Starr

49-“Give Peace A Chance”- John Lennon

48-“This Song”- George Harrison

47-“The Back Seat Of My Car”- Paul McCartney

46-” Listen To What The Man Said”- Wings

45-“Nobody Told Me”- John Lennon

44-“All Those Years Ago”- George Harrison

43-“Back Off Boogaloo”- Ringo Starr

42-“My Brave Face”- Paul McCartney

41-“Merry Xmas {War Is Over}- John Lennon and Yoko Ono

40-” Heart Of The Country”- Paul McCartney

39-“Stand By Me”- John Lennon

38-“”Hi! Hi! Hi”- Wings

37-“Oh My My” Ringo Starr

36-“Sally G”- Paul McCartney & Wings

35-“Any Road”- George Harrison

34-“Gimme Some Truth”- John Lennon

33-“Monkberry Moon Delight”- Paul McCartney

32-“With A Little Luck” -Wings

31-“Jealous Guy”- John Lennon

30-“When We Was Fab”- George Harrison

29-“Maybe I’m Amazed”- Wings

28-“Whatever Gets You Thru The Night”- John Lennon

27-“Blow Away”- George Harrison

26- “Let ’em In’- Wings

25-Helen Wheels” Wings

24-“Dark Horse”- George Harrison

23-” Mind Games”- John Lennon

22-“Crackerbox Palace”- George Harrison

21-“Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey”- Paul McCartney

20-“{Just Like} Starting Over”- John Lennon

19-“God”- John Lennon

18-“Working Class Hero”- John Lennon

17-“Live And Let Die”- Wings

16-“Power To The People”- John Lennon

15-“Junior’s Farm”- Wings

14-“Cold Turkey”- John Lennon

13-“All Things Must Pass”- George Harrison

12-” Give Me Love [Give Me Peace On Earth”-George Harrison

11-“#9 Dreams”- John Lennon

10-“Imagine”- John Lennon

9-“What Is Life”- George Harrison

8-“Jet”- Paul McCartney and Wings

7-“My Sweet Lord”- George Harrison

6-“Photograph”- Ringo Starr

5-“Instant Karma”- John Lennon

4-“Watching The Wheels”- John Lennon

3-“It Don’t Come Easy”- Ringo Starr

2-“Band On The Run”- Paul McCartney & Wings

1- ” Mull Of Kintyre”- Wings


  1. I really enjoyed this list. Turns out it’s some of the John songs that I am least familiar with. (There’s an entire interval of his post-Beatle career that happened when I wasn’t paying attention.) If there’s a song I would add to your list to suit my personal taste, it’s probably Ringo’s No No Song, and to make room for it I’d take away John’s Stand By Me.

  2. Nice to see the entire list – again, kudos to you for going through an exercise I would find impossible to do!

    One of John’s tunes from “Double Fantasy” I also really dig is “I’m Losing You”. From George’s songs, I might have included his cover of “True Love” from the “Thirty-Three & 1/3” album. For Paul, I think one of my picks would have been “Take It Away” from “Tug of War”. Last but not least, in Ringo’s case, I might have included “Postcards From Paradise,” the title track of his 2015 solo album- perhaps not the most outstanding tune musically speaking, but using a series of Beatles songs titles as lyrics is kind of clever.

    But, again, you took on a near-impossible task – well done!

    • Thanks. I enjoy all those other songs you mentioned too. Hard to make the list. Of all the Beatles solo careers- as an adult I have grown to appreciate George’s solo music more than I did back say in 1980.

  3. Look at Ringo with two in the top ten! Mull of Kintyre seems to be one of those songs that people either really like or think is really hokey. I’ve always been among the former. Nice list, Hans.

    • Thanks. It might be because I have to search the song out -it never came to me like most of the others by just turning on the radio. If it had been a huge hit in the US and played to death- who knows maybe I would feel differently- maybe not.

  4. I haven’t give a lot of thought as to what my favorite solo Beatles songs are, but off the top of my head, here are my Top 10:

    1. My Sweet Lord
    2. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    3. All Those Years Ago
    4. Instant Karma
    5. #9 Dream
    6. Photograph
    7. Band on the Run
    8. Imagine
    9. Listen to What the Man Said
    10. Live and Let Die

    • That is an outstanding Top 10. I think the only one I didn’t have ranked high was “Listen To What The Man Said” but it was on the list.

  5. An interesting and thought-provoking list,Hans! It’s been fun to read along and guess. I’d be one of those who’d put “My Love” in among Paul’s top 10 and probably top 30 overall in the category, and Lennon’s “Woman” would have been up there too, but boy, it points out how many great songs they came up with after the band.

  6. You could flip these up and down and I would like it.
    My top 5 right now this second would probably be
    1. Instant Karma
    2 Juniors Farm
    3 Any Road
    4 it Don’t Come Easy
    5 Working Class Hero
    But like you said…it’s what I’m feeling right now…tomorrow it would probably be different.

    Great series Hans.

    • Thanks… yes even with Beatles songs -over the years some go up- some go down a little and there are some what stay the same. Example when I was first into The Beatles I didn’t like Helter Shelter as much as I do now. … like your list.

    • Yes Revolution #9 in 1980 would have been the one I hated the most and I Want You wouldn’t have been far behind.

  7. Excellent playlist, Hans. Really difficult to choose favorites. For George, I do love “Wah-Wah” and “Savoy Truffle” for silly songs, but “Beware of Darkness” is it for a serious one. For John, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night.” For Paul, “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey.” For Ringo, “It Don’t Come Easy.”

  8. Great list of excellent tunes. My favorite, right now, is McCartney and Wings’ “Listen To What The Man Said”. It’s catchy, upbeat, and gets me out of my head.

  9. tough to rank of course, but off the top of my head my top 10 might be this:
    10. With a Little Luck (Paul)
    9. Listen To What The Man Says (Paul)
    8. Photograph (Ringo)
    7. Love (John)
    6. Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul)
    5. Blow Away (George)
    4. Mind Games (John)
    3. #9 Dream (John)
    2. Give Me Love (George)
    1. What is Life (George0

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