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Billboard #1 Hits: #458: “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”- Rod Stewart. February 10, 1979. #1 for 4 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.

  • Single: “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”- Rod Stewart
  • Record Company- Warner Brothers
  • Genre: Disco
  • Written by Rod Stewart, Carmine Appice, Dwayne Hitchings
  • Time: 5:31
  • B-side:” Scarred And Scared”
  • Album- Blondes Have More Fun
  • Grade: D
  • Peaked at #1 4 weeks in Billboard Hot 100. #1 in UK Singles Chart, #1 in Australia, Canada, Portugal and Spain.

I have never liked this song- even 42 years later I think it’s a piece of garbage and I always view it as the best example of Rod Stewart throwing away his greatness. Rolling Stone magazine must disagree it has “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” as #308 on their 500 Greatest Songs Ever list. Rod wasn’t the only rock act in the late 70’s to do a disco type song- but it seemed to me he never got back on track. Rod Stewart did some great work up until this era but then it seemed like he became more interested in being famous and going Hollywood than being a recording artist. I think his music suffered- sure he produced some good songs after “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” but it was spotty at best.

From wikipedia. I don’t know if I totally buy this. Also not only did I think this song was junk- for some reason I bought the album Blondes Have More Fun- for a couple dollars on the cut out rack years later the album was trash too- IMO. OK that’s all I have to say about that.

Duane Hitchings noted that “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” was

a spoof on guys from the ‘cocaine lounge lizards’ of the Saturday Night Fever days. We Rock and Roll guys thought we were dead meat when that movie and the Bee Gees came out. The Bee Gees were brilliant musicians and really nice people. No big egos. Rod, in his brilliance, decided to do a spoof on disco. VERY smart man. There is no such thing as a “dumb” super success in the music business.

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  1. Interesting nugget about this track: Brazilian artist Jorge Ben (now known as Jorge Ben Jor) released his composition Taj Mahal in 1972. Rod Stewart released his disco come-on Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? in 1978. Ben claimed infringment of his song, and brought a lawsuit against Stewart, which was settled with Stewart donating all of the royalties for Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? to Unicef. Stewart recalled in his 2012 autobiography, “I held my hand up straight away. Not that I’d stood in the studio and said, ‘Here, I know we’ll use that tune from Taj Mahal as the chorus. The writer lives in Brazil, so he’ll never find out.’ Clearly the melody had lodged itself in my memory and then resurfaced. Unconscious plagiarism, plain and simple.”
    But yeah, this song is abysmal.

  2. I will have to dissent. As a kid of the 70s, it was a cool song to us. Blondie took a lot of heat for doing “disco” music, moving away from their punk roots. Sometimes, you have musicians seeing where the money is going for the lastest sound or trend. If you want to stay relevant, you evolve.

    That being said, these days, music trends are in the hands of the suits.

    • In thinking more about it- it wasn’t that one single song- that was a turning point in his career- not that they’re hadn’t been signs of decay but when he became a huge star I think he realized he didn’t have to work as hard- he could produce anything and the public would eat it up– and for a while he got away with that. His 1980’s very spotty – I don’t think any album he did that decade was anything more than mediocre and the hits- were hit and miss as far as quality.

    • Well, he was getting older. I came to dislike Elton John in his older years. When he took his beautiful “original” Candle in the Wind and just re-wrote lyrics for Diana, I knew he’d lost it. What? You and Bernie Taupin couldn’t come up with an original song? You applied duct tape to a song about someone else?

      Age makes all of us slow down. We are less shiny. LOL!

  3. I loved this song and couldn’t get enough of it back in the day, but as you know, I was a huge disco fan. Though my strong feelings for it have lessened over the years, I still like it. I always thought it was tongue-in-cheek, and that Rod was merely having fun with the genre while cashing in on it. Eleven years later he released “Downtown Train”, which I think is one of his greatest songs.

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