Hans Plays His Jukebox 45’s.

Commodores - Brick House (1977, Vinyl) | Discogs
  • The Commodores: “Brick House” b-side:”Captain Quick Draw:- This was the first Commodores song I ever heard and it would be on my Mount Rushmore of Commodores songs- of course after this most of the hit singles from them would be Lionel Richie ballads. Of course on this one- Lionel didn’t sing it- he certainly didn’t have the voice for a song this funky. Walter “Clyde” Orange the drummer who sang the song. How the song was written is an interesting story- The Commodores were in the studio but had an equipment problem while they were waiting for things to get fixed they took a break. While they were taking the break the bass player Ronald LaPread started jamming. The rest of the band joined in. The groups producer James Carmichael thought they might have a song here. Band member William King took what they had home and played it for his wife Shirley Hanna-King. King went to sleep and his wife came up with lyrics to the song. She didn’t get official credit for it- but a few years later the group acknowledged her as the one who wrote the lyrics to their #5 hit single. The b side” Captain Quick Draw” was another funk tune which appeared on an earlier album 1976’s Hot On The Tracks.
She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel A-side US vinyl.png
  • Billy Joel: “She’s Always A Woman” b-side: “Vienna”: The fourth hit single off of Billy Joel’s great pop masterpiece The Stranger. I almost immediately regretted buying this single-because I would soon own the album. I was kind of late to the party here- all four singles had been hits by the time I went and bought the album. At the time I was spending my money on buying up all The Beatles and Beatles solo albums. I think I got The Stranger for Christmas. If I recall correctly that Christmas I got 20 albums for $100. Today what would that get 4 vinyl albums? The b-side was an album track.
Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. (1984, Carrollton Pressing, Vinyl) |  Discogs
  • ‘Bruce Springsteen: “Born In The U.S.A. b-side: “Shut Out The Light” The third single of seven from Bruce Springsteen’s monster Born In The USA album- released in the fall of 1984. This often misunderstood song reached #9 in the Billboard Hot 100. This was another Bruce single I bought for the b-side- which wouldn’t be released on an album until 1998’s compilation Tracks. Like the a-side- it deals with a Vietnam veterans return home. “Shut Out The Light” is a gem- acoustic and quiet- the opposite of the a-side. Bruce was on a roll in the first part of the 80’s. Another great b-side. Born In The USA could have been a double album.

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