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The Beatles Top 60 Solo Songs: #26: “Let ‘Em In”- Wings. Wings At The Speed Of Sound is a very uneven album due to democracy. Paul sang six of the eleven songs- and the rest were divided up between the other members of Wings- even Linda McCartney sang a song. The album did have two huge hits the first single “Silly Love Songs” went to #1 and the second “Let ‘Em In” went to #3. The album -again calling it uneven is being generous went to #1.

“Let ‘Em In” is the lead off track on side 1. Paul name checks a number of people in the song- including his brother Michael and Aunt Gin, the Everly Brother’s Phil and Don, Martin Luther and the Uncle Ernie he mentions is his old buddy Ringo- who sang the part of Ernie in the London Symphony Orchestra’s version of Tommy.

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  1. Since you’ve been talking about The Beatles quite a bit lately I pulled up “Wingspan: History” and have listened to it while playing solitaire and Mah-jong. So many good tunes and this was one of them. I didn’t realize how much I liked Wings music until listening to a grouping of them.

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