The New England Patriots dynasty is over. The cracks began to show during the second half last year. After a perfect 8-0 start in the first half of the season they went 4-4 in the second half and then lost their playoff game to Tennessee. Their iconic quarterback left for Tampa Bay in the off-season. This year- after Monday night’s 38-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills [a team they had beaten like a mule for the past twenty years owning a 35-5 record against them over the past twenty years}- the Patriots are now 6 and 9 and guaranteed a losing season- their first losing season since going 5-11 in Bill Belichick’s first year as head coach in 2000. Since 2000 they have gone to nine Super Bowls- winning six. In those 19 seasons they have failed to make the playoffs only twice- in 2002 and 2008. It’s hard to believe the way the modern NFL is- that a team could stay on top for such a lengthy period of time. I have only seen a few Patriot games this season- with Brady going and the team in decline they aren’t the ‘must see” game each week on National television but from what I have seen the dynasty is over- at least for the short term. I would never count Bill Belichick- the greatest coach in the history of the league out- I imagine he will turn the team around within a couple year but they look seriously undermanned at this point. It is hard to believe they have a 10-14 record in their last 24 games. Tom Brady isn’t going to be walking through the door. The last Great American Dynasty has ended.


  1. Belichick kept beating the system that was supposed to stop this…that part I did like. I like dynasties…whether I like the team or not.

    • Interesting how hard it is -even for the Patriots to win back to back… winning back to back in any sport these days seems very difficult.

    • I would never count him out- and it is easier to rebuild these days than in the past I think..and also teams which look on the rise-and teams that are good one moment- can start to slip rather quickly. Two examples- I remember back in the Harbaugh Super Bowl the announcers spent half the game talking about the upcoming 49ers dynasty- which never happened… same thing with the recent Eagles. Belichick is also said to want the all time coaching wins record- I see him being around until his mid-70’s health permitting.

    • I’m sure for a guy like Belichick, sitting at home and watching TV is not an option. His girlfriend is probably encouraging him to keep going so that the big paychecks keep coming in and she can continue to have the house to herself.

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