Julia Lennon - Wikipedia

Girls! Girls! Girls!- “Julia”- The Beatles. In finishing up the month of Girls! Girls! Girls!- I have to go with a Beatles song and what better song to finish up with than John Lennon’s lovely song on The White Album- “Julia.” “Julia” was his mother who had been killed when she was hit by an off duty constable one evening in July 1958. The relationship between John and his mother was a complicated one. The marriage between Julia and Alf Lennon didn’t last and both parents to put it nicely were not the responsible types. John ended up being raised by Julia’s sister- John’s Aunt Mimi. John had just reconnected with his mother when she was killed. I think it is safe to say that John never got over- being abandoned by his parents- and his mother’s death when he was eighteen years old. One thing- an unspoken between them type of thing that drew John and Paul McCartney together -the fact they both lost their mothers in their teen years. ‘Julia” easily one of my favorite tracks on The White Album.


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