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Girls! Girls! Girls!- “Runaround Sue”- Dion. “Runaround Sue” was a #1 hit for Dion in 1961 after he had split with the Belmonts. Dion is still out there releasing albums and performing- he was one of the greatest artists in the period between the decline of the great 50’s rockers – and the arrival of The Beatles- the late 50’s to 1963. A few years after “Runaround Sue” -Dion married a Sue- who over the years likes to claim the song is about her- Dion denies that the song is about her.

From wikipedia-

According to Dion, he started to put the song together at an informal party for a friend’s birthday, where he started improvising lyrics and encouraged his friends to add doo-wop background harmonies to a clapping rhythm. He then took the idea to his friend, budding songwriter Ernie Maresca, and they developed the tune and lyrics together.


  1. Classic early ’60s tune. Dion has performed for more than 60 years – really mind-boggling!

    In June this year, he released a pretty remarkable blues album titled “Blues with Friends”, featuring top-notch guests like Jeff Beck, Billy Gibbons, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison. And, nope, this isn’t some covers album by “an aging rocker” backed up some heavyweights. All songs are original tunes, and Dion co-wrote 13 of the 14 tracks. He still has a compelling voice and by no means isn’t outshined by his guests!

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