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Girls! Girls! Girls!- “Michelle”- The Beatles. I couldn’t do this feature without having a Beatles song or two included. ‘Michelle”-from The Beatles ground breaking Rubber Soul album- was written by Paul McCartney with a little help from John Lennon. Part of the lyrics are in French. “Michelle” won the Grammy Award in 1967 for Song Of The Year. As a single “Michelle” went to #1 in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. It wasn’t released as a single in the US or the UK but was a popular album track which got a lot of radio airplay.

From Songfacts-

John Lennon invited McCartney over to college parties when he was still in high school, and French culture was a trend. Paul would try to fit in by sitting in a corner and pretending to be French. He would play little tunes in French, but he only knew a few French words so he would groan or make words up. John told him that he should make it into a real song for Rubber Soul, so he asked his friend Ivan Vaughan, whose wife was a French teacher, for a French name and some words to rhyme with it. Vaughan came up with “Michelle, ma belle.” McCartney came up with the next line, “These are words that go together well,” and Vaughan taught him the French translation, “Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble,” which he used in the song as well. When he played it for Lennon, John suggested the “I love you” part in the middle.


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