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Civil War 160- Wednesday November 7, 1860-

In Springfield, Illinois- Abraham Lincoln’s day was pretty much spent- accepting congratulations on his victory in yesterday’s Presidential Election. He still had a four month wait before he was to take office but already Springfield was becoming a center of activity. Not only were people eager to congratulate Lincoln- but to pester him for government positions.

In Charleston, South Carolina- it didn’t take long for opposition to the election to appear- the palmetto flag was raised in defiance of the Lincoln victory. There wasn’t a lot of business going on in Charleston with crowds filling the streets reading bulletin boards on the election results. A judge in Charleston told his court- “So far as I am concerned, the Temple of Justice raised under the Constitution of the United States is now closed. If It should never again be opened I thank God that its doors have been closed before its alter has been desecrated with sacrifices to tyranny.”

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