2020 Album Draft Soundtracks- Round 11 Pick 6- Hanspostcard selects- The Harder They Come.

I had heard of Bob Marley but hadn’t ‘heard’ him. The closest I had to hearing reggae music at the time was probably Eric Clapton’s “I Shot The Sheriff.” The album was also the first album I ever bought that could be considered world music. I can’t recall the book but it was one of the first I had that had a greatest album ever listing- and one of the albums listed was the soundtrack for the movie The Harder They Come. I had that in mind when I ran across the album at the local record store and scooped it up when I saw it. I wasn’t disappointed.

The Harder They Come- is a Jamaican crime movie. I have never seen the movie. It was on TCM last winter and I DVR’ed it but before I got a chance of watching it I had updated my cable box and lost it.

The Harder They Come (1972) - IMDb

Bob Marley the performer who is associated most with reggae does not appear on the album- I would get into his music a little later. The Harder They Come would play a big part in popularizing reggae music not only in the United States but around the world. The big artist on this soundtrack is Jimmy Cliff who appears on six of the original vinyl albums twelve songs. Cliff was also the star of the movie. The album was released in 1972- but in early 1973 in the United States where it peaked at #140 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart. Rolling Stone ranked it at #119 on their 500 Greatest Albums Ever list in 2003 on their latest 2020 list it dropped to 174.


  1. wow, cool. I learned a few things there- I actually haven’t heard of the movie nor the soundtrack, even though I have that RS 2003 “best albums” issue here beside the desk…. sounds like it could be a good jumping in point for reggae.

  2. I read an article about Jimmy Cliff a few weeks ago on getting him to do this and the movie. A very interesting read. I’ve listened to the album since then…some great music and some sites still have this as the number 1 soundtrack…Great pick Hans… I’ve only caught the movie in parts…I want to watch it all.

  3. Very cool Hans. In a bonehead move of the century I actually gave this album away back when. Hey, we have to have a few regrets in life. 1537 picked the title song as his “theme song’ on a post I just did. How’s that for common ground.

    • That was the first album that I bought that was – out of the norm of what I was used to listening to- and I immediately liked it.

    • I know there is a deluxe re-issue with more tracks but its pretty expensive for just two CD’s and from what I am reading the second cd is ok but not as great as the original.

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