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2020 Album Draft- Round 10- Pick 8- Cincinnati Babyhead selects- The Band- Rock Of Ages.

Hans. Thanks for putting this together. I enjoyed being part of it and hearing peoples thoughts on their choices (Plus listening to them). To be honest, if asked again I would probably pick 10 totally different albums. I just have so much good music to only pick 10. Saying that, I stand by my choices. If I was stuck on an island the music I have talked about here would see me through. Thanks everybody for taking the time. Bottom line, We ALL LOVE MUSIC! Later CB

I saved this for my last choice because if I couldn’t take it, my island trip was off.

The Band's documentary is a moving look at group's roots

The album opens with ‘Don’t Do It’ and just keeps going from there. You’re going into Band land. It’s live and you get the Band experience. You get a selection of their music and to me it is some of the best music I have.

I wont give you a history of the record, just here to present this album of some of my all time favorite music. A mix of jazz, blues, country, rock n roll etc done by a very good group of musicians. Along for the ride is a horn section arranged by Allen Toussaint. Man does it give a punch to The Bands sound. Perfect choice in my book. I would have been happy with any of their music but this is as good as it gets and it’s The Band live.

The Band Photos | The Band 1969 | Pictures of The Band

Rick Danko, Levon Helm and Richard Manuel are three of my favorite vocalists and I get them all in one band. How good is that? I could go on and on and bore you all and myself to tears talking about this wonderful music but I wont. Most of you know it and a few have taken some to your islands.

This whole music trip for me (I think Us) is how the music moves us and The Band moves me in so many ways. Emotionally for sure but when you get right down to it these guys are a rock n roll outfit who learned their lessons well. They end this record with (I Don’t Want To) Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes’, That’s their roots. They took that and incorporated it with all the other music they loved and made this music. The Band. Hey, they’re just good.

“The bells were ringing … And the people were singing”

“If you’ll take Jack my dog .. won’t you feed him when you can”


  1. a great band that did my Canada proud! Not familiar with this live effort, but they sounded good in the live bits I’ve heard and it’s a nice way to get a sampling of their best stuff along on one disc! Travel light and happy!

  2. I second what you said about Hans putting this together. I look forward every day to see who picked what and why.
    CB I thought you would get a Band album in there. Robbie couldn’t have got a better arranger than Allen Toussaint. He was an unsung hero of this album. The Band is just so earthy…if that is a word…organic may be a better word…there is nothing contrived about them… the people’s Band.

    Stage Fright remains one of my favorite Band songs. Great choice as always CB.

    • I was telling Hans that I flipped a coin between this and Vans ‘It’s To Late To Stop Now’. I seen a program on Toussaint (American treasure) a while back. Fantastic. There’s a good story about being involved with this session. “Earthy ..nothing contrived” perfect description.
      Hans gathered a good group of folks. Glad to be part of it.

    • Yea I thought about It’s To Late To Stop Now…and also At Fillmore East.

      I’m with you. Graham was talking about getting 10 people turning in their reviews on time and everyone being present. It’s a great bunch.

  3. CB excellent choice! I just went to look at the playlists (original and re-release) and am amazed at how many of their tunes they included. I’m also really surprised they didn’t include my favorite song by them. It would keep anyone going on a desert island.
    My favorite Band song:

  4. I’ve been on a Band kick the last week or so- incredible what they were able to accomplish. No band had three voices like Danko- Manuel and Helm… and Garth could play anything and make it work– and Robbie great songwriter- guitarist. The Band indeed.

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