Sun Sounds- “That’s All Right”- Elvis Presley. This song originally came out in 1946- written by Arthur Crudup but of course the best known version was recorded by Elvis on July 5, 1954 at Sun Studio. It was released two weeks later with the b-side being “Blue Moon Of Kentucky.” Rolling Stone would rank “That’s All Right” at #113 on their Greatest Songs Ever list. The Elvis version is faster than the original by Crudup and while Crudup is listed as the songwriter reportedly he never received any royalties despite legal battles that went into the 1970’s.

The following from Wikipedia-

Sam Phillips gave copies of the acetate to local disc jockeys Dewey Phillips (no relation) of WHBO Uncle Richard of WMPS and Sleepy Eyed John Lepley of WHHM.On July 7, 1954, Dewey Phillips played “That’s All Right” on his popular radio show “Red, Hot & Blue”. On hearing the news that Dewey was going to play his song, Presley went to the local movie theater to calm his nerves.

Interest in the song was so intense that Dewey reportedly played the acetate 14 times and received over 40 telephone calls Presley was persuaded to go to the station for an on-air interview that night. Unaware that the microphone was live at the time, Presley answered Dewey’s questions, including one about which high school he attended: a roundabout way of informing the audience of Presley’s race without actually asking the question.


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