Elvis Presley - Mystery Train (Vinyl) | Discogs

Sun Sounds- “Mystery Train”- Elvis Presley. Yesterday I featured Junior Parker’s original version of “Mystery Train”- a great performance- but in 1955 it became a totally different tune the hands of Elvis Presley. Elvis recorded 24 titles for Sun beginning in July 1953 to November 1955. Elvis recorded “Mystery Train” in July 1955 and was first released in August of that year the b-side to “I Forgot To Remember To Forget.” Rolling Stone would rank “Mystery Train” at #77 on their 500 Greatest Songs Ever list. Where Junior Parker’s original was an R&B song- in Elvis’s hands it becomes a rockabilly tune. Sam Phillips produced it, the future King is on vocals and rhythm guitar, Scotty Moore is on lead guitar and Bill Black is on bass. Elvis was at his best at Sun.


  1. Hans I sometimes wonder why RCA didn’t say…hey still record at Sun for a while and we own the masters. I know they wanted control but…he had a sound there that he never got back.

    • I figured they were only carrying about one thing- $$$ let’s cash in on this young man. I bet the thought never crossed their minds. He started selling from the get go at RCA- they never turned back.

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