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2020 Album Draft- Round 8 Pick 1- Cincinnati Babyhead selects- Duke Ellington & John Coltrane: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane.

The reason for taking this record is because I have to. It was too hard to pick an individual album by each so I took a collaboration between the two and got a 2 for 1 deal. This way I can squeeze another record in.

Duke and John Coltrane are two of my all time favorite music makers. With this pick I get them both. It’s simple, I have to have their music. I listen to these two more than just about anyone else. Picking an album out of Ellington’s library is near impossible. He has so many and such a high standard. You cant go wrong. Coltrane’s sax has always moved me. He plays with such power and passion. I also have numerous albums by him and I always seem to be reaching for them. He is an intense listen.

JAM—Celebrating the Collaboration of Duke Ellington & John Coltrane - KUVO

With them together on this record I get their sounds and musical ideas. Duke has such a subtle way of playing and is one of my favorite piano players. He never over plays, always laying back and jumping in when he feels it. You can always hear him coloring in the background. Listen to ”Stevie’ perfect example. He lays back and lets Trane go to work and then comes in later at the end and finishes off the piece. He’s never hard on the ears. JC is not as hard blowing on this cut but he still gives us a taste of that power and passion. What  a great piece of jazz music. The rhythm section of Sam Woodyard (drums) and Aaron Bell (bass) know how to swing and set the table. Man does that sound good! The next take ‘My Little Brown Book’ takes in it down into a softer touch but what a touch. Again the support is top notch. 

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Duke Ellington and John Coltrane have different styles. Opposite ends of the scale. Soft, subtle, hard , aggressive but together they mesh well with the love of the music they play. Lots of respect and creativity. Plus they both swing. I love just about every note these guys play.

Yeah I have some good jazz  and just plain good music going with me to my island. CB will be kicking back, catching a few rays, Smoking a big cigar and chilling. Cant miss with this. My jazz bone will be happy and I’ll be a happy Islander.


  1. Fantastic! You cannot go wrong with Duke or Trane. I’ve been considering whether or not to add some jazz to my island collection. Is it going to be my most obvious favorites regardless of genre (meaning, mostly rock/folk), or do I want variety? I guess with only ten albums to listen to the rest of my life I might be overthinking things a bit. 🙂

  2. CB you kicked it up a notch with this… I love how this music just flows like a river. It’s bending around curves and you don’t know the destination until you get there…and once you arrive you wonder how you did.
    I’ll have this playing at work today…this music is all about the journey to me.

    • I’m listening to the above cut while I comment here. You are right on with your comment Max. I cant get enough of this sound. They could have taken this cut into a longer jam (And probably did). man does it swing!

    • Those two are the definition of swing… Yea man it’s easy to get lost in it. I love listened to this while I’m working or doing some project at home.

    • This is pretty toned down for Coltrane. Some of his music on this label just goes into another world. In a good way. Talk about music that “flows like river”, perfect term Max. I just jump in and let it take me. An intense and exhausting ride sometimes but always worth it for me. Just watched a recent doc on him very good.

    • It found out about Coltrane in a weird way…I read about the Byrds song 8 Miles High and they were influenced by Coltrane with that song…the solo…So I started to listen…he was amazing.

      Yea jazz is like no other music. Though it’s different I feel the same about the Allmans in At Fillmore East…a lot of that music just takes you places.

  3. As someone who tolerates almost no jazz, this is an exception. I could keep it on for awhile. I’m not qualified at all to comment on how these two interact musically or technically. But it’s very easy on the ears. I can imagine my grandparents enjoying it in their day, which brings warm thoughts. Great way to start Round 8.

  4. Don’t know much about either but both are incredibly respected and I like the bits I’ve heard by each of them along the way….hey, Stevie Wonder wrote ‘Sir Duke’ for Ellington, so that says something! Good pick !

    • Both were jazz guys but did have some influence on so much other music. For years I had no idea that Wonder song was about Duke. Shows you how unconnected I am. I would thing Ellington would have had a big influence on Stevie.

  5. These is a nice interplay between the old Duke and the young Coltrane. Most of the songs are compositions by Duke with one by Coltrane, which also takes up the larger space in the solos. This makes the album more of a Coltrane record than one from Duke.

  6. I’m listening to your Ellington right now. He is with his big band here. Again Aph he is so subtle. It’s not a cliché sound of what you would expect but his musical interpretation of time spent in that part of the world. Big band, trios, quartets, solo whatever he felt, I like it all. Such an interesting man with all kinds of musical ideas flowing through him. Good stuff.
    This album with Coltrane is more striped down.

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