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Every Billboard Hot 100 Single 1970: #410:” Border Song”- Elton John. Final debuting single for the week of August 15, 1970.

  • Single: “Border Song”- Elton John
  • Record Company- Uni
  • Genre: Pop
  • Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin
  • Time: 3:20
  • B-side:”Bad Side Of The Moon”
  • Album- Elton John
  • Grade: A
  • Peaked at #92 5 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100.

This single was the first entry for Elton John into the Billboard Hot 100- it was the final debuting single of the week and while it spent 5 weeks in the Hot 100 it only rose to #92. Things would soon change- Elton around this time would begin his first touring of the U.S. His debut show in LA got rave reviews and the rest as they say is history. He would have 68 Hot 100 singles with 56 making the Top 40-with 8 #1’s from 1970-2000. An impressive and consistent singles artist over the years.

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  1. Elton has definitely stood the test of time hasn’t he? I saw Elton live very briefly. He showed up on stage at a Bon Jovi concert I once attended. I found the movie about him so interesting. Our babysitter introduced me to Elton John. She had given me a David Cassidy Poster, saying she was into Elton John. I had not really known who either of them were at the time. Amazing that Crocodile Rock even gets my own youngsters singing. I really like Bernie Taupin too. They worked so well together. I used to write songs but I do not have the musical talent. I would love to have found a musical co-writer. I once sent my lyrics to a record label. I believe they were used but even I can’t believe who by and I have never bothered saying anything.

    • I haven’t seen the movie yet- will have to check it out. i saw him in concert around 30 years ago he put on a great show.

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