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2020 Album Draft- Round 6 Pick 9- Badfinger20 selects- The Allman Brothers- Eat A Peach.

I was going to pick the At Fillmore East live album but I also wanted some studio tracks…you get both with this one. This is the last album that Duane Allman worked on before a motorcycle crash took his life. He died a few weeks into making the album. The album also included live tracks that were not used on At Fillmore East like One Way Out, Trouble No More, and a 33 minute “Mountain Jam” that was built off a riff from a Donovan song “There is a Mountain.”

They had some sort of chemistry live that was incredible. I’m usually not a fan of long endless live songs but they keep intensity up…plus with this album you get the best of both worlds.

25 years ago I would not have picked this album…I’ve learned more about them in the past few years and have become a huge fan of the classic lineup. When I listen to the Allman Brothers I listen to the music as a whole more than just the songs. They clicked so well as a band that they blended perfectly when at their best. 

Their best albums to me are At Fillmore East, Eat A Peach, and Brothers and Sisters. They have been labeled and credited as starting “Southern Rock” but they were totally different than most of their peers. The Allmans were more blues/jazz oriented who happened to be from the south.

The two guitar players were Duane Allman and Dickey Betts… two of the best around at the time. They also had two drummers Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny Johanson (Jaimoe) (who played with Otis Redding). Their bass player was from Chicago…Berry Oakley (who would die in a motorcycle crash a little over a year after Duane) who was amazing. Gregg Allman would write and  sing lead on many of the songs and as he said…pushed the gravy on the meat…he added texture with his Hammond Organ.

They started to work on this album in September of 1971 and laid down the basic tracks to for “Blue Sky,” “Stand Back” and “Little Martha.” Duane Allman died on October 29, 1971. So those tracks have Duane playing on them and of course all of the live material features him on guitar. After he died the band went back to the studio and recorded the rest and it was finished in December.

The album was released on February 12, 1972 and it peaked at #4 in the Billboard 100 and #12 in Canada. The original name was going to be “Eat A Peach for Peace.”

The opening song is my favorite one on the album. Ain’t Wasting Time No More…it was Gregg Allman’s song working through the grief of his brother’s death and about soldiers coming home from Vietnam. Last Sunday morning, the sunshine felt like rain,the week before, they all seemed the same

Blue Sky is a Dickey Betts song that I never get tired of. The soaring guitars and the few verses that it has are happy and upbeat. Betts initially wanted the band’s lead vocalist, Gregg Allman, to sing the song, but guitarist Duane Allman encouraged him to sing it himself… “Man, this is your song and it sounds like you and you need to sing it.”  Betts wrote this about his Native Canadian girlfriend, Sandy “Bluesky” Wabegijig. 

Melissa is probably the most remembered song off of this album. It’s a great song that Greg had written years before…he couldn’t think of the right woman’s name until he heard a lady in a grocery store yell for her daughter… Melissa.

One Way Out is some of the live feel  that I wanted with Fillmore East and I get it on this album along with the above studio cuts. One of their best known songs. 

I thought the island needed a southern touch so the Allmans will do just fine. I’ll just sit back with soul food, listen to Allmans, and watch the tide.

  1. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
  2. Les Brers In A Minor
  3. Melissa
  4. Mountain Jam
  5. One Way Out
  6. Trouble No More
  7. Stand Back
  8. Blue Sky
  9. Little Martha
  10. Mountain Jam Cont’d.


  1. This was my intro to the band. Talk about a great album. This could have easily been taken to my Isle. Thanks Max, you have just sent me into ABB land for the next while. They just never get old with me, in fact they keep sounding better.

    • I liked what you said about the “jazz/blues” (little country thrown in) style. totally agree. These guys can play that’s why I like those grooves they get into. Very jazz like. Also, I was eating up Cream/Traffic etc so this was a no brainer for me.

    • Yea your Zappa/Beefheart pick really inspired this one also. I wanted something more free form…and that is the Allmans….
      You are right about the country…Betts especially brought some in.

  2. Excellent. I could listen to an album’s worth of the guitar solos from Blue Sky trading back and forth. My wife and I hired a guitarist specifically to play Little Martha as our recessional at our wedding. Love this album.

  3. Max, you picked the peach out from under my reach. It was on my list! I love this jam band’s music. They do the fast and slow tunes with equal grace. One Way Out is my favorite fast song on the album and can’t choose between Melissa and Blue Sky for soft tune favorite. Excellent choice and appreciate the context info that you give and the breakdown that it was part live and part studio.

  4. This is an interesting pick. I appreciate the Allman Brothers on a song-by-song basis, but have never listened to their albums. They are timeless, imo. I enjoyed your samples, and the story about ‘Melissa’ from the grocery store.

    It seems like Round 6 has had the most diverse picks so far.

  5. Certainly a talented band, I think I’ve only heard a couple of those tracks, and not often but I’ ll try to give a couple more a listen. I can hear what you mean about the jazz influences in there that made them a little different. Good choice!

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