Hans Remembers- Wednesday July 29, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

About Cesar Chavez – Cesar Chavez Foundation
  • After a long five year strike- Cesar Chavez the leader of the United Farm Workers announced that the strike for a fair wage for farm employees was over. This ended the halt of a successful worldwide boycott of grapes. The 26 largest grape growers voted to sign a contract with the union and raised the wage of the seasonal farm workers to $1.80 per hour and 20 cents for each box of grapes picked. The contract collapsed within weeks when the International Brotherhood of Teamsters were allowed to come to farms to attempt to organize a union to compete against the UFW and a larger walkout took place in August.
The Vintage Guide To London - Longshoremen, Storefront, Port of ...
  • Another strike ended- this one when British longshoreman ended their strike that had tied up the nation’s ports for most of the month. The new contract increased minimum pay from $38.40 to $48 a week.
The Rolling Stones Tongue Logo 1971 Lithograph
  • The Rolling Stones were in the news- their contract with Decca expired and they split with manager Allen B. Klein. To fulfill their obligation to Decca they gave them something they wouldn’t release- “C–ksucker Blues.” They also began forming a new record label of their own Rolling Stones Records- with the now famous tongue and lips logo.