Hans Remembers- Friday July 17, 1970. 50 Years Ago.

File:Pedro Eugenio Aramburu (1956).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  • The body of the former President of Argentina- Pedro Eugenio Aramburu was found in a five foot deep grave in the basement of a farmhouse in Timote- a village in the Buenos Aires Province- 240 miles from Buenos Aires. Aramburu had been kidnapped back on May 29th by the terrorist group Montoneros. Aramburu, who had been president from 1955-58 had been executed by his captors with two gunshots to the chest. Aramburu was 67 years old. Aramburu’s murder and the coldness with which it was carried out shook Argentine society to its core. Montoneros justified by Aramburu’s execution as a way avenge a series of executions following the botched attempt to overthrow the state in 1956. n 1974, Aramburu’s body was stolen by Montoneros. The corpse was to be held until President Isabel Peron brought back Evita Peron’s body. It was also an act of revenge for the previous removal of Evita’s body. Once Evita’s body arrived in Argentina the Montoneros gave up Aramburu’s corpse and abandoned it in a street in Buenos Aires.
  • The U.S and Mexico signed a treaty of cooperation for the return of stolen archaeological, historical, and cultural properties.

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