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Random Shot: “Sailing” Christopher Cross.

When I first heard this song it really didn’t register much with me. Then as it started to climb the charts it was one of those ‘shake your head” songs. Why is this song so popular? Then it went to #1. His debut album would go on to win the Grammy for Album of The Year- over Pink Floyd’s The Wall. “Sailing” would win Record of The Year and Song of The Year. Cross would win the Grammy as Best New Artist. Cross’s debut would be his peak- the second album sold well and he had more hits but by the mid 80’s he was off the charts for good. While I can’t call myself a fan of Christopher Cross’s- I did decades later pick up the debut album on vinyl for $1. It is a fine mainstream album- certainly falls under the yacht rock genre. I heard “Sailing” the other day on the radio- and while I am certain that it wouldn’t make my personal Top 40 of 1980- it is a pleasant song. It was stuck in my head the rest of that day.


  1. A very good mainstream album. He is a Texan, from San Antonio, and his music roots show. Sailing, although not a rock song, grabs you. Another guy of that genre, Gerry Rafferty.

  2. Gerry Rafferty is amazing. I don’t think he ever produced a song I didn’t like. I have relatively recently watched a documentary about him. Didn’t know about his band with Billy Connelly. I gather he overcame struggles with alcohol but nonetheless still died relatively young. I think he was extremely underrated. I think I was the only one in my circle who was into him. Brings back so many memories listening to him.

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