Hans Remembers- Tuesday July 7, 1970 -50 Years Ago.

The Beatles: 25 Days Of Harrison- Day 1 Harold and Louise Harrison
  • In Beatles news- sad news as George Harrison’s mother Louise Harrison passed away at the young age of 59. George would end up dying at 58. Louise Harrison was the most supportive of all The Beatles parents when the band was just getting started- before the fame.
  • President Richard Milhous Nixon- invoked the Railway Labor Act to send striking oil employees to work after the United Transportation Union had started a walkout earlier in the day. Under the law invoked by Milhous Nixon- a 30 day ‘cooling off” period took effect and an emergency board would hold hearings, recommend a settlement and send a report to the POTUS.
Shining' actress Shelley Duvall tells Dr. Phil she's mentally ill
  • Actress Shelley Duvall 21- weds Bernard Sampson. The marriage would end in divorce in 1974.
George W. Casey Sr. - Wikipedia
  • U.S. Army Major General George W. Casey- Commander of the 1st Air Cavalry Division was killed along with six other servicemen in South Vietnam when their Huey helicopter crashed into a mountain. General Casey was 48. His son George W. Casey Jr- is now a retired 4 star general and served as Chief Of Staff of the United States Army.

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