All the Rage: Bobby Knight's infamous 'Chair Game', 30 years later ...

Bobby Knight may have been the greatest basketball coach who ever lived- as far as coaching basketball. He won three National Championships at Indiana. He also had a terrible temper which ultimately led to his demise at Indiana in the late 90’s. Sadly he will be remembered as much for the controversies as he will be for his coaching. Attached below is an article listing all of Knight’s incidents.

I was watching that game in television when one of the most famous Bobby incidents happened- the throwing of the chair in a game against Purdue. I can’t say I was shocked by it- if John Wooden had done something like this it would have been shocking but Bob Knight- anything was possible with him.

Note- The college football version of Bobby Knight was Ohio State’s Woody Hayes- who today is remembered outside of Ohio at least as- the coach who punched the player from Clemson which ended his coaching career. Bob Knight was at Ohio State during Woody Hayes tenure there- not as a football player but as a basketball player. Both Knight and Hayes were Ohio boys. Both were a lot alike. They were very touch on their players while they played for them- but after their playing days were over- both coaches were always there for their players and the relationships changed. But both had volcanic tempers.


  1. I wasn’t watching the game but, I saw the clips. I remember this.

    There are some Duke fans that would disagree with you about the “greatest coach” moniker. I know. I live with one.

    There is another one with temper issues…Tark the Shark. Remember him biting the towel?

  2. For college basketball fans, there’s no forgetting this image. Ignoring Knight’s actions for a moment, what gets me about watching that video now, is the lack of security guards. Today, in a game of that level, I’d expect to see one or two police officers or similar security assigned to escort the coach to and from the floor, for his protection. And it’s not just guards for the coaches. The college basketball arenas I’m in these days have swarms of security at each entrance, and throughout the seating.

    • Hard to believe that was 35 years ago- and yes the times were much different at sporting events- and I guess about anywhere. I recall a trip to Washington, D.C. with my parents when I was 9- 1970- and we walked right into the capitol building. Some guard was sitting half asleep he got up and asked us if we wanted to see the senate and house chambers- and just pointed us in the right directions..

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