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Random Shot: “Con Te Partiro – Andrea Bocelli.

The first time I heard “Con Te Partiro” by the Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli was back at the turn of the century. ESPN was doing a series the 100 Greatest Athletes Of The 20th Century which was an excellent series by the way- that and the 30 for 30 series the best things ESPN has ever done. Anyway at the end of the Sports Century on Wayne Gretzky they played “Con Te Partiro”- I had never heard the song or even knew who did it but it captivated me. It took me a while but I finally tracked down the singer and then after more research the song. Turns out “Con Te Partiro” was first recorded by Bocelli back in 1995 and had gone to #1 on the singles charts in France and Belgium. It was recorded again in 1996- translated into English as “Time To Say Goodbye.” Bocelli recorded “Time To Say Goodbye” with Sarah Brightman and the single went to #1 all over Europe eventually selling 12 million copies. It became the biggest selling single ever in Germany. While I do like both versions of the song it is the original which was played in the Gretzky “Sports Century” which I prefer.


  1. Time to Say Goodbye with Andre and Sarah Brightman is absolutely magical. I love both these performers. I’m assuming you saw Andre Bocelli’s easter concert? A must watch. Thanks for this post about one of my favorite artists.

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