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Yesterday morning I went to the mall to walk- it was too warm/ humid outside. When I pulled back into the drive way the song playing was Harry Chapin’s “Taxi.” A few hours later when I left to go to work I turn the car on and what is coming out of the radio? “Cats In The Cradle” by Harry Chapin. I felt right then that I needed to feature a song by Harry and since I like “Taxi” more than I do “Cats In The Cradle”- “Taxi” it is.

Harry Chapin was an interesting fellow. He was as well known for being a philanthropist as he was as a singer-songwriter. His cause was to end world hunger. He was one of the most politically and socially active performers of the 1970’s. He cared little about money. He felt money was for people so he gave it away. When he was tragically killed in a traffic collision at the age of 38 in 1981 he had left little money behind.

“Taxi” which went to #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1973 was first performed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. NBC received so many telegrams and phone calls that Carson did something he’d never done before- brought the entertainer back the next night for an encore performance. “Taxi” was a story song- about meeting an old flame while driving a taxi in San Francisco. In 1980 nearly a decade later Harry Chapin updated the story with “Sequel.” “Sequel” continued the story in the same style as “Taxi” and even did a notch better on the charts- peaking at #23.

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  1. What a fantastic song, which I had not known – really dig the cinematic story telling. You can really picture everything! I also love the melodic bass line provided by John Wallace who I understand was closely associated with Chapin. I also like the sequel. Very cool!

    • Yes he does paint a picture in those songs so well you can see it.. It’s a wonder they haven’t made a movie about it.

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