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American Top 40- 1980’s Replay- Week of June 23, 1984. Last weeks replay from 1983 was exceptional- so many great singles this week – a year later 1984 is more spotty. A number of these singles are marred by terrible mid 1980’s production. My favorite single here- “When Doves Fly” Prince!

1 2 THE REFLEX –•– Duran Duran (Capitol)-10 (1 Week at #1) (1) B-
2 1 TIME AFTER TIME –•– Cyndi Lauper (Portrait)-11 (1) A
3 3 LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY –•– Deniece Williams (Columbia)-12 (1) B-
4 9 DANCING IN THE DARK –•– Bruce Springsteen (Columbia)-5 (4) A+
5 7 SELF CONTROL –•– Laura Branigan (Atlantic)-11 (5) C
6 6 THE HEART OF ROCK ‘N ROLL –•– Huey Lewis & The News (Chrysalis)-10 (6) B-
7 8 JUMP (For My Love) –•– The Pointer Sisters (Planet)-9 (7) B-
8 17 WHEN DOVES CRY –•– Prince (Warner Brothers)-4 (8) A+
9 4 OH SHERRIE –•– Steve Perry (Columbia)-12 (3) B-
10 11 EYES WITHOUT A FACE –•– Billy Idol (Chrysalis)-8 (10) B

11 10 BORDERLINE –•– Madonna (Sire)-16 (10) A+
12 14 ALMOST PARADISE –•– Mike Reno & Ann Wilson (Columbia)-7 (12) D
13 13 IT’S A MIRACLE –•– Culture Club (Virgin)-7 (13) B
14 5 SISTER CHRISTIAN –•– Night Ranger (MCA / Camel)-16 (5) D
15 16 YOU CAN’T GET WHAT YOU WANT (Til You Know What You Want) –•– Joe Jackson (A&M)-10 (15) A
16 19 STAY THE NIGHT –•– Chicago (Full Moon / Warner Brothers)-8 (16) C-
17 12 BREAKDANCE –•– Irene Cara (Geffen)-14 (8) D
18 15 HELLO –•– Lionel Richie (Motown)-18 (1) B
19 23 LEGS –•– ZZ Top (Warner Brothers)-6 (19) B
20 24 MAGIC –•– The Cars (Elektra)-6 (20) A

21 22 WHO’S THAT GIRL –•– Eurythmics (RCA)-8 (21) A
22 26 DOCTOR! DOCTOR! –•– Thompson Twins (Arista)-5 (22) A-
23 27 INFATUATION –•– Rod Stewart (Warner Brothers)-5 (23) C
24 25 MODERN DAY DELILAH –•– Van Stephenson (MCA)-10 (24) C
25 28 DANCE HALL DAYS –•– Wang Chung (Geffen)-10 (25) B
26 32 SAD SONGS (Say So Much) –•– Elton John (Geffen)-3 (26) B
27 20 RUN, RUNAWAY –•– Slade (CBS Associated)-12 (20) B
28 31 NO WAY OUT –•– Jefferson Starship (Grunt)-7 (28) C-
29 34 DON’T WALK AWAY –•– Rick Springfield (RCA)-5 (29) C
30 40 BREAKIN’… THERE’S NO STOPPING US –•– Ollie & Jerry (Polydor)-4 (30) D

31 35 I CAN DREAM ABOUT YOU –•– Dan Hartman (MCA)-8 (31) A
32 18 I’LL WAIT –•– Van Halen (Warner Brothers)-11 (13) B+
33 33 WHAT IS LOVE –•– Howard Jones (Elektra)-10 (33) B
34 21 AGAINST ALL ODDS (Take A Look At Me Now) –•– Phil Collins (Atlantic)-18 (1) B-
35 45 WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT –•– Tina Turner (Capitol)-6 (35) A
36 44 SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT –•– Corey Hart (EMI-America)-5 (36) B+
37 50 I’M FREE (Heaven Helps The Man) –•– Kenny Loggins (Columbia)-2 (37) D
38 42 PRIME TIME –•– The Alan Parsons Project (Arista)-6 (38) B-
39 41 OBSCENE PHONE CALLER –•– Rockwell (Motown)-8 (39) D
40 43 FAREWELL MY SUMMER LOVE –•– Michael Jackson (Motown)-5 (40 C

15 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 -1980’S REPLAY- WEEK OF JUNE 23, 1984

  1. Synth Synth everywhere a Synth Synth. It took me a while to warm up to a lot of songs during this period. Looking back there are some great ones here.
    You mentioned the production…that was my main problem with the 80s.

    It’s hard to believe Dan Hartman was the same singer that did Free Ride.

    • I looked at today’s charts- most of the artists unknown to me… I was looking ahead to the 1985 chart for next week- some titles that don’t look familiar but maybe when I listen to them I will recognize them. I liked the early 80’s.

    • I really dug ’80s music back in the ’80s, which basically was the decade during which I grew up and when we had parties going every few weeks! I still like some of the songs to this day. In other cases I’m asking myself, ‘gee, why did I like this?’ 🙂

    • I could be wrong but I don’t think the 80s songs have been overplayed and beaten into the ground as much as the 60’s and 70s songs have been.

  2. Number 1 the Reflex was my favorite on this list – with number 40 a close second.

    A couple of reasons
    At the time (84) I had a crush on a girl who introduced me to The Reflex (a favorite song for her).

    And because of the short lived romance between her and I – next enters Farewell My Summer Love.
    A completed full circle

    And 36 years later IsLYRTLNFAA

  3. Oh, my…the summer after graduation.

    I love Duran Duran but, The Reflex got on my last nerve. I see the music from the release of “Footloose”, the introduction of Courteney Cox, “Purple Rain” mania starting, Steve Perry goes solo, the explosion of Madonna, Van Stephenson’s one-hit-wonder (which I still own the 45), Rick Springfield’s foray into acting, the break dancing craze, the release of “Streets of Fire”, Van Halen’s killer 1984 album, the Jeff Bridges/Rachel Ward sex scene…and the last three I don’t recognize. This was the time when Thriller was finally waning. A little under two months later, “The Philadelphia Experiment” comes out and we get the wonderful The Runner from Manfred Mann.

    • I have grown to like most of Duran Duran’s hits- but I am with you on The Reflex- didn’t care for it – annoying. I don’t see how it got to #1 it was one of their worst singles- maybe their worst IMO.

  4. My introduction to Duran Duran was Planet Earth. It remains a favourite of mine. I had always assumed it was about an apocalypse. Well nuclear was the hot topic at the time but there do seem to be a number of interpretations. Come to think of it.
    Look now, Look all around there’s no sign of life. “, kind of describes lockdown.

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