Hans Remembers- Sunday June 14, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

In Soviet Russia, you don't vote for the government, the ...
  • They sure loved to vote in the old Soviet Union- of course if you didn’t you’d most likely have some questions to answer. Elections were held on this day for the 767 member lower house -Soviet of the Union and the 750 member upper house- Soviet of Nationalities. 99.2 % voter turnout reported by TASS the Soviet news agency. All 1517 candidates were unopposed and the only choice was to vote Yes or No.
Derek and the Dominoes – KZAP.ORG
  • Guitar God- Eric Clapton introduced his new group -when they took the stage at the Lyceum in London. They told the promoter their name was The Dynamics- but the promoter convinces them to add “Derek”- Clapton’s nickname and then mangles up the name and introduces them as Derek and the Dominoes.”

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  1. Absolutely loved Layla. It was good that Eric Clapton and George Harrison forgave each other over Patt Boyd, who had some of the greatest music written about her, including Layla and I believe Something.

  2. They haven´t change much from old U.S.S,R to today, everytime I see in the stats that there is someone from the Soviet Union my mind goes inmediately to a “holy crap” type of thing

  3. As you say “meet the new boss [Putin] – same as the old boss” … I think we should call him by his proper title, ‘Czar’ Putin… and meanwhile feel sorrow and pity for the poor Russian peoples’

  4. The Russians I met in Russia were generally good people. One lady spent three days in our train carriage living off apples, which she had insisted on sharing with us, My then new husband had been lured away to drink vodka with the Russian men.

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