Billboard #1 Hits: #213: “Dizzy”- Tommy Roe. March 15, 1969. #1 for 4 weeks.

  • Single: “Dizzy”- Tommy Roe
  • Record Company- ABC
  • Genre: Pop Rock
  • Written by Tommy Roe and Freddy Waller
  • Time: 2:52
  • B-side: “The You I Need”
  • Album- Dizzy
  • Grade: B-
  • Peaked at #1 4 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100. #1 in UK Singles Chart and #1 in Canada.

Catchy tune. This should have come up on Memorial Day as the song- I was sitting watching Andy Griffith and all the sudden I had an attack of vertigo- the line “I’m so dizzy my head is spinning”- Barney Fife was turning sideways on me.

The Wrecking Crew did the instrumentation on this- which means it was another #1 hit with Hal Blaine on the drums. “Dizzy” would be the only #1 hit for Tommy Roe.

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