Hans Remembers- Sunday May 31, 1970- 50 years ago.

The Story of Paul McCartney's Lawsuit to Break up the Beatles

The Beatles break-up had become even more bitter- as Paul McCartney filed a suit against the other Beatles. McCartney’s main reason for wanting to legally break up the group was the decision of the others- in a 3-to 1 vote to hire a shark named Allan B. Klein- former manager of The Rolling Stones as their manager. McCartney didn’t trust Klein [ he was correct in not trusting this slime ball} and wanted his new in-laws Lee and John Eastman to be the managers instead. After four years of court hearings the group officially disbanded in January 1975.

Terry Sawchuk - The face of a hockey goalie before masks became ...
  • One of the greatest goalies in NHL hockey history Terry Sawchuk who had been active since 1949- and was still active at 40- died from injuries he suffered in an April 29th fight with his New York Rangers teammate Ron Stewart. before he lost consciousness, Sawchuk told his physician that he blamed himself for starting the fight. Sawchuk who battled depression had got into the fight with Stewart in an argument over expenses over the house they rented. He died from a bleeding liver. At the end of his career Sawchuk had 447 career wins in the regular season a record which stood for 30 years. He was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1971. Goalies played without masks in Sawchuk’s day- its a wonder someone didn’t get killed. Just look at Terry Sawchuk’s face from the photo above.
1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico ™ - FIFA.com
  • The 1970 FIFA World Cup of Football- aka Soccer began with Opening Ceremonies in Mexico.The first match was a 0-0 tie between the hosts Mexico and the Soviet Union. Sixteen teams would participate in the 1970 World Cup- the biggest sporting event in the world- with the finals being held on June 21st.
Peru zemlyatrus.jpg
  • A tragedy in Peru as a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hits at 3:23 in the afternoon triggering avalanches in the Andes Mountains that killed tens of thousands of people. The official death toll would be 66,794 but later estimates had it at 74,000 and 25,600 missing.

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  1. Dirty rotten shame about The Beatles. Sawchuk looks like a Road Warrior and in a way he was. The Ice Road. Why the goalies didn’t wear face masks is a mystery and damned stupid of the NHL. I’m guessing the earthquake in Peru had to be one of the worst in known history?

    • As last as the early to mid-70’s some goalies were still not wearing masks… Sawchuk’s face looks like it was skated over a number of times.

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