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American Top 40 replay this weekend on the 70’s on 7- from the week of May 26, 1979. A very uneven week- nothing truly Osmond like in rottenness though. I was curious as to how Casey would handle introducing #23 “Ain’t Love A Bitch” by Rod Stewart- and he shocked me by saying the title!

1 1 REUNITED –•– Peaches and Herb (Polydor)-11 (4 weeks at #1) (1) B
2 2 HOT STUFF –•– Donna Summer (Casablanca)-6 (2) A+
3 3 IN THE NAVY –•– The Village People (Casablanca)-11 (3) B-
4 6 LOVE YOU INSIDE OUT –•– Bee Gees (RSO)-6 (4) C
5 5 GOODNIGHT TONIGHT –•– Wings (Columbia)-9 (5) B
6 13 WE ARE FAMILY –•– Sister Sledge (Cotillion)-5 (6) A
7 7 SHAKE YOUR BODY (Down To the Ground) –•– The Jacksons (Epic)-15 (7) B-
8 15 JUST WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST –•– Randy Vanwarmer (Bearsville)-10 (8) B-
9 4 STUMBLIN’ IN –•– Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman (RSO)-18 (4) B+
10 11 LOVE IS THE ANSWER –•– England Dan and John Ford Coley (Big Tree)-12 (10) C-

11 12 LOVE TAKES TIME –•– Orleans (Infinity)-10 (11) A-
12 14 THE LOGICAL SONG –•– Supertramp (A&M)-10 (12) A
13 10 HEART OF GLASS –•– Blondie (Chrysalis)-15 (1) A+
14 9 HE’S THE GREATEST DANCER –•– Sister Sledge (Cotillion)-16 (9) C
15 17 DISCO NIGHTS (Rock-Freak) –•– GQ (Arista)-11 (15) D
16 18 DEEPER THAN THE NIGHT –•– Olivia Newton-John (MCA)-7 (16) B-
17 22 CHUCK E.’S IN LOVE –•– Rickie Lee Jones (Warner Brothers)-5 (17) A+
18 20 ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FANTASY –•– Bad Company (Swan Song)-11 (18) A
19 19 RENEGADE –•– Styx (A&M)-19 (19) C+
20 25 YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY –•– Rex Smith (Columbia)-6 (20) C

21 23 SHE BELIEVES IN ME –•– Kenny Rogers (United Artists)-5 (21) C
22 24 HOT NUMBER –•– Foxy (Dash)-9 (22) C-
23 28 AIN’T LOVE A BITCH –•– Rod Stewart (Warner Brothers)-6 (23) C
24 26 HONESTY –•– Billy Joel (Columbia)-6 (24) B
25 8 TAKE ME HOME –•– Cher (Casablanca)-16 (8) B-
26 27 SUCH A WOMAN –•– Tycoon (Arista)-11 (26) C+
27 29 GET USED TO IT –•– Roger Voudouris (Warner Brothers)-11 (27) C
28 30 OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL –•– Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (Capitol)-8 (28) A
29 21 KNOCK ON WOOD –•– Amii Stewart (Ariola America)-18 (1) B
30 32 MAKIN’ IT –•– David Naughton (RSO)-9 (30) C-

31 36 MINUTE BY MINUTE –•– The Doobie Brothers (Warner Brothers)-4 (31)B
32 41 I WANT YOU TO WANT ME –•– Cheap Trick (Epic)-5 (32) A
33 35 (If Loving You Is Wrong) I DON’T WANT TO BE RIGHT –•– Barbara Mandrell (ABC)-11 (33) C
34 42 BOOGIE WONDERLAND –•– Earth, Wind and Fire with the Emotions (ARC)-3 (34) A
35 39 SATURDAY NIGHT, SUNDAY MORNING –•– Thelma Houston (Tamla)-10 (35) C
36 38 IT MUST BE LOVE –•– Alton McClain and Destiny (Polydor)-8 (36) B-
37 16 I WANT YOUR LOVE –•– Chic (Atlantic)-16 (7) B+
38 40 LITTLE BIT OF SOAP –•– Nigel Olsson (Bang)-7 (38) B
39 73 RING MY BELL –•– Anita Ward (Juana)-3 (39)B
40 43 DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY –•– Van Halen (Warner Brothers)-5 (40) A-

13 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 REPLAY- WEEK OF MAY 26, 1979

  1. I would take this in a heartbeat over today but it’s kinda bland highlighted by great. I remember these songs well though…6th grade.

    • My senior year. I was an every week listener to AT40 at that time so the songs are very familiar… of course the reason We Are Family gets an A is its association with my Pirates. I didn’t think of it much until mid-summer when Willie adopted it as the Pirates song.

    • Even for me in Tennessee that song IS the 79 Pirates. I can’t imagine the excitment there at the time. It came through on television. The crowds were loud and animated. It seemed like every time the Pirates needed a boost….Stargell was at bat.
      The song is catchy regardless.

    • I was really happy for him- in the 71 playoffs and series he went into a slump- and Clemente carried the team in 79 he had his turn… Co-MVP regular season and MVP in playoffs and Series. If he had only retired at that point- injuries soon slowed him way down.

    • After the year he had it’s hard to blame him but yea if he would have it would have been great. I was wondering what happened…I just looked his stats up…wow he did drop dramatically.

    • He hung on a couple years- as they all did back then. Funny how you don’t see that anymore. My guess is back then- teams would carry an old vet for a year or two and let him make a decent salary- kind of a trade off for when they were younger and producing and making very little. His last year he was mainly a pinch-hitter. After 1979 I thought he was a cinch to get 500 home runs. Wasn’t to be. His knees were shot- one thing even to the end though- that bat was still fast.

    • I can’t blame him hanging on because of pay…I would imagine he got paid well but not today’s “well.”
      Yes it’s rare now. The Dodgers started to do that with Utley and I hope they continue. They got Freese after that. They sure do help the managers self police the locker room unless you get the wrong one.

    • Can you think of a ‘great’ who has hung on recently? I think they make so much now that when their regular days of playing end- they go home. You don’t see many getting in to coaching either. Back in the day it was always old ballplayers as coaches- now a lot of guys who never made it to the big leagues- are the coaches- in a lot of cases.

    • You are right…I can’t think of anyone recently. Not any great ones. The ballplayers that hang around now have signed huge contracts and their team can’t get rid of them…like Ryan Howard…he wasn’t a great one though.

      I always wondered why some of them don’t go into coaching. I know they have the money but the love of the game. The only exception recently was Paul Molitor.

    • I think its money- most of these guys have put a lot of time into the game- and have made the money- spending time with the family now, golfing doing what they want is a lot more appealing than being a minor league manager or first base coach for peanuts. Now I can see managing like Molitor or Mattingly might have appeal but being someone’s flunky and being away from home 2/3rds of the year for someone who has millions might not be appealing.

    • I would agree…with monopoly money you are free to do what you want…On top of that in the last few decades, they start playing when they are 4 and all of those games in travel leagues. I played 12 games a year in little league…they can play that in a two and a half week span at times with doubleheaders. You could get burnt out easy.

  2. I know “We Are Family” is the more beloved of the two big hits by Sister Sledge, but I much prefer “He’s the Greatest Dancer”. Nile Rodgers’ guitar riff is so good, that it was later sampled in Will Smith’s 1997 hit “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”.

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