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Hans Remembers- Friday May 7, 1970- The Beatles- Let It Be album is released. 50 years ago today.

A month after they officially broke up- The Beatles released Let It Be in the United Kingdom. It wouldn’t be released in the United States until May 18. While Let It Be was the final Beatles album released it was recorded before Abbey Road but feeling that the recordings for Let It Be were a mess they went ahead an recorded and released Abbey Road in the summer of 1969 and released it before Let It Be.

The Beatles started working on Let It Be- then known as the Get Back project. It was Paul’s idea to reinvigorate the band by returning to their roots. The process would also be filmed- and became the Let It Be album. By April 1969 the single “Get Back” was released but unhappy with the mixes of the album it was set aside. The Beatles brought in the most famous producer in rock and roll history- Phil Spector to make heads or tales of what was in the can. The end result didn’t please Paul McCartney who was unhappy especially with the orchestra and chorus overdubs on his “The Long And Winding Road.” The biggest mistake in that was made in my mind was leaving off John Lennon’s “Don’t Let Me Down” from the album.

Let It Be- is #11 of 13 in the rankings of my favorite Beatles albums. Which is not to say I think of it as a poor album- it faces tough competition. There were three #1 singles “Get Back”, “Let It Be” and their 20th and final #1 hit in the US “The Long And Winding Road.” The album went to #1 and the documentary movie was while somewhat sad to watch was successful. This fall director Peter Jackson will have a new documentary in the theaters [hopefully} from the Let It Be sessions.


  1. The Lennon/McCartney Song “Let It Be” was first recorded in 1969 by Aretha Franklin. But she was not happy with how the track turned out so she didn’t allow for its release for a long time, until the Beatles got tired of waiting and recorded it themselves for their own album, which they later decided to release as “Let It Be”.

  2. While I like it OK, “Let It Be” is one of my least-favorite Beatles songs. Not sure why, but I just don’t care for it all that much. I love “The Long and Winding Road” however. Go figure…

    • If it had been included- and it was in Let It Be.. Naked… “Don’t Let Me Down” would be my favorite from this album. I like Let It Be over The Long And Winding Road but of course like them both.

  3. Off topic Hans… Looks a new album from Dylan. Ask and we shall receive. I really like the new song.

    • I saw the news on the new album but haven’t looked up the new song yet. Great to see another Bob album coming out!

    • Bob is always full of surprises. I think everyone had pretty much accepted that since it had been 8 years between albums- Bob written albums- that that part of his career was over. And then he quietly strikes!

    • I thought that maybe he was just releasing some vaulted songs through the lockdown and that was it…but I was hoping it was part of something bigger…and I’m glad it is.

    • Peter Jackson’s movie is set for release in September… I saw a story the other day speculating that theaters may be a year away from re-opening. Of course that is just speculation but…..while I am not rushing to get back to pre-crisis habits I am hoping to see the Jackson movie in September!

    • Oh geez…yea that has to be seen. I mean if restaurants are opening…and they are…I dont see why movies would not open. As long as they don’t over book the movie.

    • Doesn’t it seem that you can find a story these days that predicts about anything. I try not to read anything into what anyone says. Isn’t everything now just speculation? I hope the opening up works out well.. Are you still working from home?

    • Yes I am still working from home thank goodness. I can do anything from here. Next week they are opening two of the restaurants with my company…from there they are going ahead.
      My cousin told me he went to a steak house last night and ate inside. All the servers were wearing masks. It is just so surreal Hans.

      I know what you mean…I’ve pretty much stopped reading the news. But getting back to your point…everything is still in the air really.

    • I think restaurants and the mall in the area are to open sometime in the next week. It is strange times- I haven’t left my little town since Mid-March. Where is there to go anyway? Yes I have went from being a newshound on this crisis- to just kind of taking a glance at the news everyday. So many ‘predictions” have been wrong I figure not to take anything but day to day. .. Who would have thought at as the year began….

    • I know…I did go to the office last Sunday night when a storm came though and knocked power out at the office. Jen and Bailey went with me because we haven’t been more than 10 miles away from home the whole time.
      No one was at the office so we wore gloves and I turned things back on…it gave me a moment of feeling normal. They were happy just to be out.
      One thing I really miss is reading about baseball…I don’t go to espn anymore…because there is no point. The thing is if we knew a date…heck…Dec 31 and this would be over…I think we could handle it better…but there is no day…it’s up in the air.

    • I don’t think there is a single thing on this that isn’t just speculation. A couple weeks ago they were predicting 60k would be the death total now we are approaching 80k… Yes isn’t it odd the first May we’ve ever had without baseball.. I did watch some old games on the MLB network but now they are just showing games from recent times. I would rather at this point see games from the 60’s- 80’s.. I guess they get better ratings from 2018 games or whatever…. They are slowly opening the library. I was in working three days this week helping to get things clean and ready. It was good just to get out of the house.

    • We have been inside so long that when I do get out…I get congested I guess because of pollen and we haven’t been around any germs or anything to build up resistance.

      I don’t know if I told you but one of my co-workers tested positive. He went through 3 days of an high fever and then thought it was over…it came back got three more days…he is getting better now. I haven’t been around him of course since March…I do feel for him.

      I agree on the games. I would rather see the older ones. Youtube is a good place to see them also.

    • It just feels strange anymore to go out. I usually make one trip a week to the store. I will think I will go today and it may be a few days before I actually go. I am not a big fan of cutting grass but its been nice to get out and cut the yard when it needs it just to move and get out… I don’t know of anyone personally who has had it- our country has over 200 cases now. glad your co-worker is getting better – and that you didn’t catch it.

    • Our county has 59 right now with 30 recovered and no deaths.
      I enjoyed cutting the grass also just to get outside. I’m a homebody but it’s been too much of a good thing as far as that goes.

    • I am sure it is going to feel strange – when we get back to doing the old regular things we used to do- and never gave much thought to before….. the days seem to run together- the other day i asked nicole what day it was- and she said “That’s the third time today you’ve asked me!”… they just seem to blend together.

    • Yes I do the same thing about the days. The work week is like one long day intertwined into others.
      I have actually cooked more…that is something I am not good at. I looked up recipes and started just to do something different. Jennifer told me after the dinner I cooked the other night…”No man has ever been killed by his wife while cooking in the kitchen”…lol I take it she likes it.
      It will feel strange getting back.

  4. I’m with you here, it’s not the best Beatles album, but it’s all relative. I will also say that while one can have different opinions over Phil Spector’s treatment of the music, I find some of the criticism is overblown.

    The reality is it was Spector’s mix that I heard first and it never really bothered me. Yes, “The Long And Winding Road”, is a heavy production, but I still dig it. I also like the “naked” version.

    I’m also looking forward to the new documentary and the reissue of the album. So far, Giles Martin has done a beautiful job with the remixes.

    • I don’t see the Let It Be Naked as any big improvement on the original… Lennon always said that what they did was a mess and that was what was handed over to Phil.

    • I’m not sure I’d call it a mess, but it certainly is a bit disingenious to blame it all on Spector. I also agree the “naked” version isn’t necessarily improvement for each song. I like the outcomes for “The Long and Winding Road” and “Across the Universe.”

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