Billboard #1 Hits: #187: “Light My Fire”- The Doors. July 29, 1967. #1 for 3 weeks.

  • Single: “Light My Fire”- The Doors
  • Record Company- Elektra
  • Genre: Rock
  • Written by The Doors
  • Time: 2:52 [single version}
  • B-side: “The Crystal Ship”
  • Album- The Doors
  • Grade:A-
  • Peaked at #1 3 weeks in the Billboard Hot 100. #49 in UK Singles Chart.

The Doors I find one of the most overrated rock band ever-but the first album The Doors was a great album- and “Light My Fire” while not my favorite Doors song is their signature song. It was written for the most part by guitarist Robby Krieger but the writing credit went to the entire band. While the last song at #1 “Windy” by The Association doesn’t fit at all into 1967’s “Summer Of Love”- “Light My Fire” fits in perfectly to any soundtrack of that year. When The Doors appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show- they had a problem with the line “girl we couldn’t get much higher”- and the band agreed to change it to ‘girl we couldn’t get much better”- but Jim Morrison stuck it to Ed and sang the original line! Sullivan refused to shake his hand as they left the stage. The Doors were told they would never do the Sullivan Show again- to which Jim replied “We just did the Sullivan Show.”  I like the longer unedited album version which runs over 7 minutes to the edited single which is less than 3 minutes.


8 responses to “BILLBOARD #1 HITS: #187: “LIGHT MY FIRE”- THE DOORS- JULY 29, 1967

    • I know a few Doors fanatics. You are not alone. Anyone who would go as far as visiting his grave in Paris- certainly qualifies as one!

    • If in Paris… I know they have tried to put some mystery into his death but I think he drank himself to death. Those 60’s rock stars sure had a way with self-destruction. I am a famous grave visitor myself.

    • I heard the same thing. I am no stranger to investigating cemetaries from a genealogical point of view. I think creative people are often prone to self-destructive behaviour sadly.

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