1970 Chevrolet Caprice Coupe - LindsayChevrolet.com - #Woodbridge ...

The 1970 Chevy Caprice went for $2500.00. It was a good thing gas was only .25 a gallon because the 1970 Chevy Caprice only got 5 miles a gallon.



  1. They were really land yachts. I sometimes drove my boss’s 1969 Chevy wagon to deliver groceries. The big engine wasn’t very peppy, it certainly wouldn’t win any drag races.

    • At the time I didn’t notice because I guess it was the norm- but once in a while when you see some 60’s-early 70’s car out on the road- it is amazing they take up a whole block!

  2. So ungainly looking and not very attractive. In retrospect, though, it looks really cool. Funny how time can actually make things become more attractive. Probably the sentiment and nostalgia factors attached…

    • I think a lot of things look better years later. Being a sports fan I am always hearing from people my age how all the sports were better back then—of course the grass was always greener, the air cleaner- etc.. and when you look back it was always better when you were young– even if it wasn’t. I like to answer- “yeah I miss being twelve years old too.”

  3. Yeah, it must be rose-colored glasses, lol.
    Oh, well. It’s a nice color on those glasses.Hard to not look through them. 🙂

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