Hans Remember- Thursday April 30, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Nixon Orders Invasion of Cambodia - HISTORY

  • U.S. POTUS Richard Milhous Nixon delivered a nationally televised address – announcing that he had sent 2000 American combat troops into Cambodia and was ordering B-52 bombers to begin airstrikes. Nixon also announced he was reversing his April 20th announcement that he would withdraw 150,000 troops from Vietnam over the next year. Nixon- then said ‘this was not an invasion of Cambodia.”  Nixon had began his speech at 9PM Washington, D.C. time- operations in Cambodia had been underway for 2 hours by the time of his address.

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  • Swedish-born American film and television actress Inger Stevens committed suicide- acute barbiturate poisoning. Her most famous role was in the television series The Farmer’s Daughter from 1963-66.


RememberThatCub: Billy Williams - Wrigley Rapport - Medium

  • One of the most underrated baseball players of the era- Billy Williams of the Chicago Cubs played in his 1000th consecutive game- the first National League player to do so. His consecutive games played streak would end later in 1970 at 1117. Steve Garvey would later break his National League record with a streak of 1207. Williams streak began back in 1963.

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