Hans Remembers- Wednesday April 29, 1970- 50 Year Ago

George Harrison, circa 1970 – The Beatles Bible

  • Now -former Beatle George Harrison announces his first solo album would be released later in the year- it would be released on November 27th- and he also predicted that The Beatles would reunite. Looking at it 50 years later seems odd George was predicting a Beatles reunion- since we know that he wasn’t all that happy at the end of The Beatles. His first solo album of songs- All Things Must Pass may be the finest album by a Beatle after the band disbanded.

Andre Agassi - "Lack of Education Sent Me on a Downward Spiral ...

  • Born 50 years ago in Las Vegas- tennis great Andre Agassi- winner of eight men’s Grand Slam event titles. He was the #1 ranked player in the world six times from 1995-and 2003. Andre has been married to an even more accomplished tennis player since 2001- Steffi Graf. He had previously been married to Brooke Shields. Back in the day he dated Babs.

Keshet Suspends Filming on Uma Thurman Series 'Suspicion' – Variety

  • Actress Uma Thurman born 50 years ago in Boston. My favorite film of her’s- Pulp Fiction- in which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. She’s been married to two famous actors- the great Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke. Remember the old Dave Letterman- “Uma Oprah Uma Oprah?’

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  1. I have this All Things Must Pass, the total three record set. No idea what kind of shape it is in as I do not have a turntable

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