Hans Remembers- Thursday April 23, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

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  • President Richard Milhous Nixon issued an Executive Order ending any future deferment from the military draft based on occupation, agriculture of fatherhood. Evidently two men did get deferments- while LBJ’s two sons-in-law went to Vietnam- The Tricky One’s two sons-in-law stayed safe at home.

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    • Not that I know of. He did live to nearly the end of Nixon’s first term. Interesting that Ike’s grandson -one of Nixon’s son in laws- was of draft age. I will give Al Gore present- his father was a US Senator- and he went. He could have easily got out of it.

    • Yea that part about the draft pissed me off. I actually knew a girl…she was 18 at the time and her father got out of Vietnam because of being in a wealthy family…she said that was totally fair.
      I said something rude and walked.
      Dont get me wrong…if you could get out the more power to you but not when it wasn’t across the board.

    • Its a tragedy that even one person had to go to that war. WWII-now that was a war that needed fought. This one- a big mistake from day 1. We lost and Vietnam went communist. How did that impact anyone in the United States? I keep thinking of “Fortunate Son”

    • I had read somewhere -where Fortunate Son was written with David Eisenhower in mind- I don’t know if that is true or not.

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    • I think it was the ones who were accused on those planes- I am not a big conspiracy person. Now I do wonder about that last plane that had turned around and was heading back to DC- I don’t know what brought that plane down was it the passengers attacking the terrorists or was it shot down?

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