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The American Top 40 replay this week- from the week of April 15, 1978- a Bee Gee countdown- they had songwriting credits on six hits and were at #1 and #2.  Yes even I- who at the time hated disco bought this one. I did like the Bee Gees. The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack would have been a lot better without the filler. Instead of being a double album- one with the hits would have been outstanding. Pretty good week- not outstanding like the 1971 from last week but pretty good. Only one song below a C Styx. Styx Stnk.

1 1 NIGHT FEVER –•– Bee Gees (RSO) -11 (5 weeks at #1) (1)A+
2 2 STAYIN’ ALIVE –•– Bee Gees (RSO) -19 (1) A+
3 3 LAY DOWN SALLY –•– Eric Clapton (RSO) -15 (3) B
4 4 CAN’T SMILE WITHOUT YOU –•– Barry Manilow (Arista) -11 (4) C
5 5 IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU –•– Yvonne Elliman (RSO) -12 (5) B-
6 7 DUST IN THE WIND –•– Kansas (Kirshner) -12 (6) B
7 13 THE CLOSER I GET TO YOU –•– Roberta Flack with Donny Hathaway (Atlantic) -9 (7)A
8 10 JACK AND JILL –•– Raydio (Arista) -14 (8) A-
9 12 WE’LL NEVER HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE AGAIN –•– England Dan and John Ford Coley (Big Tree) -8 (9)C
10 11 OUR LOVE –•– Natalie Cole (Capitol) -14 (10)B-

11 6 EMOTION –•– Samantha Sang (Private Stock) -22 (3) B-
12 17 WITH A LITTLE LUCK –•– Wings (Capitol) -4 (12) A+
13 15 RUNNING ON EMPTY –•– Jackson Browne (Asylum) -10 (13) A+
14 14 EBONY EYES –•– Bob Welch (Capitol) -12 (14) A
15 16 GOODBYE GIRL –•– David Gates (Elektra) -18 (15) C
16 19 COUNT ON ME –•– Jefferson Starship (Grunt) -6 (16) C
17 8 (Love Is) THICKER THAN WATER –•– Andy Gibb (RSO) -24 (1) B
18 20 FLASH LIGHT –•– Parliament (Casablanca) -10 (18) A
19 30 YOU’RE THE ONE THAT I WANT –•– John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (RSO) -3 (19) B
20 22 SWEET TALKIN’ WOMAN –•– Electric Light Orchestra (Jet) -9 (20)A

21 25 FEELS SO GOOD –•– Chuck Mangione (A&M) -10 (21) A
22 27 IMAGINARY LOVER –•– The Atlanta Rhythm Section (Polydor) -7 (22) B
23 23 BEFORE MY HEART FINDS OUT –•– Gene Cotton (Ariola America) -11 (23) B
24 24 LADY LOVE –•– Lou Rawls (Philadelphia International) -13 (24) B
25 26 THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND –•– Andrew Gold (Asylum) -10 (25) A
26 29 DISCO INFERNO –•– The Trammps (Atlantic) -18 (26) C
27 9 THUNDER ISLAND –•– Jay Ferguson (Asylum) -18 (9) A
28 18 ALWAYS AND FOREVER –•– Heatwave (Epic) -15 (18) B
29 32 I’M GONNA TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING –•– Rubicon (20th Century) -8 (29)C
30 34 FOOLING YOURSELF (The Angry Young Man) –•– Styx (A&M) -9 (30) D

31 36 TWO DOORS DOWN –•– Dolly Parton (RCA) -5 (31) B
32 37 THIS TIME I’M IN IT FOR LOVE –•– Player (RSO) -6 (32) C+
33 21 THEME SONG FROM “WHICH WAY IS UP” / DISCO RUFUS –•– Stargard (MCA) -12 (21) C
34 38 FANTASY –•– Earth, Wind and Fire (Columbia) -7 (34) A-
35 28 I GO CRAZY –•– Paul Davis (Bang) -34 (7) A+
36 40 BABY HOLD ON –•– Eddie Money (Columbia) -8 (36) A-
37 41 MOVIN’ OUT (Anthony’s Song) –•– Billy Joel (Columbia) -5 (37) A
38 42 LOVE IS LIKE OXYGEN –•– Sweet (Capitol) -9 (38) B
39 43 MORE THAN A WOMAN –•– Tavares (Capitol) -16 (39) C+
40 44 ROCKET RIDE –•– Kiss (Casablanca) -8 (40) C+

19 responses to “AMERICAN TOP 40 REPLAY- WEEK OF APRIL 15, 1978

  1. Sometimes I have to stop and think how big the Bee Gees were during this time. The Bee Gees owning the top 2 spots is phenomenal.
    I guess there were 2 bands that were extremely huge for different reasons during this time…The Bee Gees and Kiss.

    • I think Casey said that Night Fever knocked Stayin Alive off the top- and Stayin’ Alive was like 5 weeks at #2 after being replaced by Night Fever..

    • They were everywhere. I know we always go back to this but I think of the Beatles top 5. I can’t imagine. Having lived through the Bee Gees and know first hand how big they were…and then think it was a drop in the bucket compared to Beatlemania.

    • And 50 years after the end The Beatles are still big- people never got tired of them- it seems like once the 1980’s started everyone had enough of The Bee Gees.

    • The one thing I guess is the reason…their music was timeless…some were more time period like I Am The Walrus but even that stuff they had underlying melodies and pop senses.

    • When the disco era faded out- so did the Bee Gees- They were of course way above other artists doing disco- I think Bee Gees and Donna Summer stood way above the rest– as you say The Beatles are timeless- and each generation finds something there. The disco era- not so much I don’t think.

    • No not so much…they were the best of disco no doubt…The one person for some reason I point to the seventies ending was John Travolta…he was riding high…then everything from the 70s was uncool over night…The 80s was a hard decade for some 60-70s artists.

  2. So Travolta was a hit in SatNiteFever AND Grease around the same time. I remember when he was *the* star. I wonder who has danced in more movies, him or Christopher Walken? There are some decent songs here and some duds. I’m shocked you rated #4 so high. That’s in the “Seasons in the Sun” rating arena for me.

    • Wasn’t Travolta also in Urban Cowboy which I think would have been maybe 1980 or so? I think the one thing Manilow had over Terry Jacks is- a long string of hits- that were all about the same. Jacks just had the one and it stuck out like a sore thumb.

    • That was the peak of disco- a lot of the Saturday Night Fever represented on that album. I don’t think I even saw that movie until years later. Not all that impressed.

    • I think as far as the hits- it was-but I liked a lot of the punk/new wave music from the era which weren’t in the Top 40. I was forced to see the follow up- how many even remember the follow up movie “Stayin’ Alive” years later- even worse than SNF.

  3. Wow! I remember all of these songs. I used to record them off the radio and make mix tapes on my tape recorder–when I could get the complete song without the DJ talking over the beginning or ending. 1978 is when I began getting into the heavier music like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Led Zeppelin. But these were and are great songs. Lots of memories in the music.

    • Didn’t that tick you off- I would do the same thing- please don’t talk over the song–and half the time it seemed like they did it!

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