Hans Remembers- Friday April 17, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Spaceship contacts ocean under parachute

  • They made it back-  Apollo 13 splashed down in the South Pacific Ocean near American Samoa and was recovered by the USS Iwo Jima. The trip to the Moon had to be aborted a few days earlier due to an explosion and it was in question if the three astronauts- Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise would make it back safely to Earth. There would down the road be a movie which a lot of you have probably seen starring Tom Hanks. Good movie.

Johnny Cash Infocenter — It was today in 1970 that Johnny ...

  • Johnny Cash was invited to perform at The White House by President Richard Milhous Nixon and he did this evening. The ever out of touch Nixon requested that Cash play a song about welfare frauds called “Welfare Cadillac”- it wasn’t a Cash song- and he refused to play it- Cash was a man of the the downtrodden- instead he played “What Is Truth.”


  • Paul McCartney who a week earlier announced his decision to quit the greatest show on Earth- released his first solo album- McCartney- in which he played every instrument. Very low fi. The album at the time was criticized as being under produced has seen its status grow over the past 50 years. The album went to #1 on the US Top 200 album chart and #2 in the UK’s album chart. The most famous song on the album- “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Paul releasing this album so close to the release of The Beatles Let It Be– did not go over well with the other Beatles.

Redman (@therealredman) | Twitter

  • American rap artist Redman born Reginald Noble was born on this day in Newark, New Jersey.

10 responses to “HANS REMEMBERS- FRIDAY APRIL 17, 1970- 50 YEARS AGO

  1. Glad God was watching out for the crew of Apollo 13. Johnny Cash is one of my heroes, and Nixon looks none too pleased in that photo. Macca’s first album was the first one I heard of his. I fell in love with it.

    • When I first read about that Johnny at the White House in a book a few years back I was so proud of Johnny for sticking it too Nixon like that. Cash was a man of the common people. Nixon was so awkward….

    • I like a quite Jerry Ford had about Nixon- “If you have to have a list to keep track of your enemies- you have too many enemies.”

    • I don’t think Ford probably ever had an enemy. Nixon was one of those guys who carried a grudge to the grave.

    • Well being so blah that one has no enemies isn’t balanced either! Sometimes one has to take a stand that will make enemies. In the graphic canon I’m reading there is a section on Dante’s Inferno. What you say about Nixon made me think of him. I wonder which level he’s at? 😉

    • Ford had disagreements with people- and others had disagreements with him- but he got along with people. I don’t understand why you don’t like him. He wasn’t a right winger. None of the other ex Presidents liked Carter- but Jerry Ford and Carter developed a friendship- and Carter had beaten Ford.

    • I don’t dislike him but I don’t quite like him either. He seems to me to be a mismatch for the role of POTUS, but I don’t don’t know their actual values as opposed to their publicly perceived values either.

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