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Since my grandparents took me on a trip to Washington, D.C. when I was in first grade-I’ve been a presidential junkie. I have over the years read book on most of the POTUS- {I wish I kept a list over the years on the books I’ve read}- there are some who I haven’t read books about- William Henry Harrison for example–and there are some who I’ve read numerous books on – Nixon, Reagan, Washington, TR, FDR and of course Lincoln leads the pack. I came across this article which came out a few years ago- picking a book on each POTUS.  Article attached below… My personal favorite- Robert Caro’s series on Lyndon Johnson- The Years Of Lyndon Johnson- which so far is four volumes – Caro is working on the 5th now. He’s eighty-four. I hope his health holds out- I am looking forward to the final volume.

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  1. You’re of a rare breed, I think, Hans, with your passion for POTI. The only ones I have much interest in are Lincoln, FDR, and Kennedy, as they seem to be the ones who led our nation most admirably.

  2. LBJ was quite the rascally, but deep man. He and I share surnames, so that is also a personal attraction. However, I’m not attracted to Andrew Johnson’s bios.

    • Andrew Johnson- has to be near or at the bottom of the presidential rankings- IMO- the two worst- the one before and the one after Lincoln.– Buchanan and Andrew Johnson. Thumbs down to them.

  3. I think I’ve gotten my dad at least two of those LBJ books. He’s a huge history buff and loves biographies. But weirdly, he knows British history the best (weird ’cause he’s black; it’s just not the usual topic African-Americans are interested in, ha ha).

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