Hans Remembers- Wednesday April 8, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

The Downfall Dictionary: G. Harrold Carswell: representing the ...

  • By a vote of 51 to 45 in favor, the United States Senate rejected the nomination of G.Harrold Carswell to become a justice on the United States Supreme Court. President Richard Milhous Nixon was having a hard time filling the seat left vacant by the resignation of Abe Fortas- his first nominee Clement Haynesworth was also rejected.
  • A huge gas explosion at a subway construction site in Osaka, Japan killed 79 peple and injured over 400. The explosions took place about 5:30pm during the evening rush hour.

Andrej Plenkovic: Centrist in the Running for Croatia's HDZ ...

  • Andrej Plenkovic the Prime Minister of Croatia since 2016 was born on this day in Zagreb, SR Croatia, Yugoslavia.

prince felix of bourbon parma | Tumblr

  • Prince Felix of Bourbon- Parma- Prince Consort of Luxembourg as the husband of the European nation’s ruler, Grand Duchess Charlotte, from 1919 until her abdication in 1964, died at the age of 76.
  • Thirty-four schoolchildren in Egypt were killed and 42 wounded when their elementary school was struck by air-to -ground missiles and bombs by F-4 Phantom II jets flown by the Israeli Air Force. The Israeli Air Force had the impression that the building was a military target- and the mistake was a factor in the ending of Israel’s Operation Priha five days later.