Hans Remembers- Tuesday March 31, 1970- 50 Years Ago.

Jim Bouton, "Ball Four" author and former MLB pitcher, passes away ...

  • Just one week before opening day in the 1970 Major League Baseball season- the Seattle Pilots wer allowed by a referee in bankruptcy to sell the team to Milwaukee Brewers, Inc- a group of investors headed by future MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. The Seattle Pilots had been an expansion team in 1969- and are remembered today for the book that one of their pitchers that year wrote about that season- Ball Four- by Jim Bouton. The Milwaukee Brewers are still in Milwaukee 50 years later. The city of Seattle sued MLB over the moving of the Pilots- and were given a new team in 1977. Neither the Brewers or Pilots have won a World Series.

Explorer 1: The Beginning of American Space Science | NASA

  • After 12 years in orbit, Explorer I the first American satellite reentered Earth’s atmosphere and burned up during its plunge to Earth. Explorer I had been launched on January 31, 1958 the satellite made 58,376 revolutions around the Earth before re-entering the atmosphere over the South Pacific at 11:47.

Semyon Timoshenko | World War II Database

  • Soviet Red Army general Field Marshal Semyon Timoshenko died at 75. He had led the abortive Second Battle of Kharkov during World War II.