Presidential Trivia: Part XI- Presidents Of The Last 100 Years In Their Youth- Who Are They?


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Harry S. Truman


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Richard M. Nixon - HISTORY


Even as a child Donald Trump was a horror | Daily Mail Online


  1. This is a great one… Clinton is obvious…it’s the last one…I’ll keep checking back on that one. I know him but I can’t put my finger on it….wait…it’s Trump isn’t it? It’s the pout! I could be wrong.

    • Something I find interesting about DJT– if you are going to be a politician- especially POTUS- you aren’t going to make everyone happy. Even the Greatest Ever American [in my opinion}- George Washington had his critics. You have to know going in you are going to get slammed no matter what- you can react in a couple ways- LBJ who had rabbit ears too- had 3 televisions in the oval office so he could keep track of what the three network news programs were saying about him…. Dutch Reagan was deaf to it all for the most part- he was focused on accomplishing a handful of things and just ignored the critics. DJT- just can’t take any criticism at all without lashing back- and also seems to be incapable of saying “I was wrong” about anything. Not picking on him- I am not a fan of any 21st Century POTUS- Democrat or Republican.

    • I’m with you on that. If he would stay the hell away from Twitter he would do so much better but he cannot resist…he just can’t…You are not picking…it’s a fact.

      Some think saying “I was wrong” is a weakness…but it’s not. You gain a lot of respect and credit by just admitting it.

      You are right. Reagan was oblivious to anyone criticizing him.

      Nixon seemed to be very sensitive as well.

      It’s a thankless job…and no I’m not a fan of either “team” because that is what it is now. Not working with each other but trying to win at any cost…usually we pay the bill on the win.

    • Oh I forgot Nixon- heck the man had an enemies list… he always viewed himself as the outsider-.. kind of like the boy on the playground that never got picked to play in the game. he knew how to hate. Good pick up there how could I have forgotten old Milhous!….. What we need a leader. And yes- you admit you were wrong what can anyone really say to that? Kind of ends the discussion. He certainly sees admitting being wrong is a weakness..

    • From POTUS to baseball…
      You know who I think of when I think of Milhous? Billy Martin. Both thinking everyone is out to get them and planning for the attack. I guess it made them succeed but it was also their downfall. I should have just said paranoia.

      I forgot about the enemies list…wow

    • Milhous went to Billy’s funeral… Billy what a great manager- if only he was such a bad drunk. I think most of the terrible events in his life -went with his drinking… he had more fights than Sugar Ray Robinson. Between the lines he was a baseball genius- and from what I understand when sober could be a pretty decent and likable guy- but get a drink in him…. if was no shock that he died the way he did. I never saw him passing away peacefully in bed at age 90… I really think George Steinbrenner did him wrong- he knew there was one thing Billy wanted in life- to be manager of the Yankees- and he kept hiring and firing him over and over.. Good comparison Milhous and Billy!

    • George used the Yankees as a carrot to him. I didn’t know Nixon went to his funeral.

      Now he may have gotten help for that problem. Yes from the marshmallow salesman to the quote about Reggie and George (which I will admit was funny) all stemmed from drinking. We have said it before but if I had a 3rd place team and wanted to turn them around in the short term…he could do the job…you just couldn’t keep him long term.

      He managed for the two of the most difficult owners to own a team…though not too long under Finley.

    • Nixon was sitting right up there with The Mick and George.. Yes Billy would have gotten help back then- there were a lot of drinking men in baseball then- today no way would he have ever been hired if he hadn’t gotten help and reformed. I always point out to my wife- Otis on Andy Griffith that would never fly today.

    • You are right about Otis…was watching AGS last night. There would be howls of protest.
      His pitching coach was a heavy drinker also… Art Fowler. Having George second guessing you every day didn’t’ help…but he had the problem before George.

    • I never heard anyone question his managing ability- its a real shame. No doubt Billy and Mickey would have lived much longer lives in today’s world- at least you would hope so.

  2. I did not read comments on this and did not look up answers.
    1 Clinton
    2 Truman
    3 LBJ (no photo was there but your caption gave it away)
    4 Nixon (what a little cutie!)
    5 Donald Duck

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