A very good and long article on conronavirus- which isn’t as optimistic as we’d all like to see.


  1. I just finished reading it and passed it along to my kids and a few others. THANK YOU for posting. I like all of the other articles being linked to it for reading more quality journalism.

    • Everyone – even the scientists have different thoughts on all of this– I agree it’s early. They don’t know even when its going to end etc…

    • This is true.. the only PEOPLE who can save us are the scientists- first hopefully there are medicines -treatments out there that will help- and down the road a vaccination- and I keep hearing 12-18 months on that.

    • What’s SO aggravating to me is that the US saw this coming months early and did NOTHING to prepare for it. And then Tweetle Dumb stops medical equipment and supplies coming in from China then sits on revving up our manufacture of them. Enough to stir apoplexy in me if I let it.

    • Name me one country though that was ready for this? China certainly wasn’t- and don’t believe those numbers or any news they put out- they can’t be trusted.

    • All 3 either serving the militaryindustrialcomplex or their own petty delusions of grandeur. You can guess who is who. Bernie has the skills but the American people, by and large, are too scared/stupid/selfish to give him a chance to allow him to lead us as POTUS.

    • I think Bernie’s failure isn’t the voters but the people who run the Democrat Party. In 2016 they put the screws to him by making it impossible for him to win- by having those ‘super delegates”- party officials with so much power- they were in the bag for Hillary and put their support- and delegate votes to her. This time he WAS ahead early on- and the heads of the party- got the word out- Biden was the guy we want and put the pressure on the other candidates to 1 -withdraw and 2- throw their support behind Biden. Sanders isn’t one of them- and was not going to be allowed to win- this time they acted just in time to stop him.

  2. Uggghhh. It’s really hideous looking, though, isn’t it? The virus?
    Or is that an ism like “speciesism”? It’s not technically alive, though, so I can insult it without alarming the PC world, right?

    I want to think that we’ll change our practices after this, but the article says: “Veterans of past epidemics have long warned that American society is trapped in a cycle of panic and neglect. After every crisis—anthrax, SARS, flu, Ebola—attention is paid and investments are made. But after short periods of peacetime, memories fade and budgets dwindle.”

    So we won’t learn from our mistakes, apparently.
    Experts went to Trump in 2018 and warned him that we weren’t prepared for a pandemic. Probably citing information from this article’s author. He basically just blew them off. But that’s not new or interesting or surprising information, is it?

    • It doesn’t look like anyone was ready for this- and isn’t it human nature to not deal with something until it happens?

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